Report kimpalan mig

Inert Gas Welding. In the process the electrodes are melted and mixed with molten parent metal to form a weld pool. Thus, the electrode must be supplied constant current throughout the welding process is carried out.

For a continuous supply of electrodes, the electrodes are made in the form of wire to be extended out from the nozzle welder automatically at a specified speed. Protective gas is supplied through the nozzle weld as is done in TWIG welding.

This process can be done automatically or fully automatically. However, the MIX equipment more implicated because the process requires continuous hula uniform electrode. Gas Metal Arc Welding or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GAMMA) is also known as Inert Gas Metal Arc Welding or Metal Arc Welding (MIX) MIX Welding is widely used in industry because it is easy to maneuver and can weld various types of metal and various metal thickness.

MIX welding is widely used in manufacturing industry, automotive industry including aeronautics industry. There than carbon steel, MIX welding can also be used to weld aluminum and stainless steel (stainless steel). MIX welding electrodes supplied in different wire loop with the other electrode welding rod or odds supplied. The basic principle of MIX welding In MIX welding, an electric arc is formed when the wire electrode in contact with the base metal. Arc produces heat that will melt the base metal and the electrode tip. San molten base metal electrode mixed form and mixed molten pool when welding cold to produce molding.

Electrode wire without coating supplied continuously (in the form of a loop) through the wire feed unit. Supply of inert gas shield arc and molten pool from atmospheric air. Objective * In order to improve the quality or skill in welding. * The real way to know how to weld with inert gas welding and accurate Knowing how to weld properly. * In order to familiarize themselves in welding while making industry training and preparation for the Job when due.

Connect the grounding cable on the welding table or metal to be welded.

3. Place the workplace on the table and set the appropriate flow and pressure plate and adjust the current in MIX machine. 4. Put these two things work to locate the ends of the plate properly. 5.

Perform welding by pressing the trigger firing nail on the end plate connections for determine the proper position and facilitate the welding process. 6. Perform MIX led from end to end with the angle and distance from the workplace right until the end. 7. MIX welding machine switch off and close the gas pressure upon completion of welding runs molding and cool the workplace.


Clean the slab on the workplace by using a tool such as a wire brush cleaner to get the updates. Corner connection- 1 . Clean the place to be in welded with steel brush. Welding runs molding and cool the workplace.

8. Clean the slab on the workplace by using a tool such as a wire brush cleaner to get the updates. Result Discussion produce a neat project and the right to what is required. In addition, for this project I also need to comply with safety measures to avoid unwanted accidents such as burns and so on. Among the security measures I need to follow is, I must wear safety equipment such as aprons, eye protection tools, gloves and so on.

I also must ensure that the voltage and current used are suitable for welding work done. In addition, listen to the advice of lecturers is also important because without my lecturer would not be able to complete this project successfully. Proper technique can produce the required project is also included in what I have to obey. If I ignore his rule, the projects I produce will be flawed. For example, when you want to weld, the two metals must be cleaned and clamped that during the welding process do not move the workplace. Weld nails need to be done to fix the position of the metal plate before welding is done completely for a solid connection and easy to carry out the welding process.

Finally, when everything is over I have to follow the discipline is to store and organize return the equipment used in the set. Not easy to make this simple project if we do not learn his techniques right and we must always practice so hat we can produce a quality project. Conclusion In conclusion, for the completion of this project MIX welding requires proper techniques and extensive experience. The use of tools also need the right techniques to get the best and quality projects. I also get exposure to the MIX works for preparation in industrial training and later working life. Many tools are available that are not quite perfect as iron brush, eye brush is worn out and the iron can not be used with care.

Equipment bay less than the number of students who produced the project and this will be produced on time to the project. There are many students who Joked during the welding process to do, this will endanger students because the probability of undesirable things are great. Students with exposure on how to use MIX machine and this will affect the quality of the work done. Monitoring lecturer needed by students due to students not familiar again using welding equipment. This is very important and also to avoid unwanted accidents because students do not know the ins and outs of welding equipment condition. MIX welding with a little too much to train me to be more careful and follow the rules set forth in my daily life.