Report writing

Module Consumer Purchasing Patterns A. Introduction The impact that purchasing decisions have on an individual retailer go a long way into determining what to stock and what not to stock in a store. The importance of understanding one’s clients is based solely on understanding what the marketing problems ought to be handled, and how business people need to appeal to their clients. Understanding patterns of one’s buyers also improves on relations and generates new understanding of what is expected as well as the securing, disposal, and utility of products, experiences and ideas to satisfy individual needs. As such, carrying out a research on the same allows an individual to make better use of this knowledge to improve on the growth of a business as well as predict what the future holds in that line of business.
i. Problem Statement: the dilemma in which sellers get into whenever they introduce new products into the market has been a question that has challenged many business entrepreneurs over time. Most of these challenges are brought about by lack of a deep understanding of consumer behavior pattern. Many attempts have been made by various researchers to investigate and gain insight into this topical issue but not much have been done due to the myriad factors that interplay to bring out the varied consumer responses and behavior patterns. The need to understand influence of consumer behavior pattern more deeply in business therefore rises.
ii. Scope: This report will examine the growth of the business enterprises across the country and define the important attributes that emanate from learning more about consumer behaviors.
iii. Ideally, the growth of the business platform will depend on how well the society will consume the products, and the ability of entrepreneurs to provide the goods needed to ascertain this.
iv. Limitation: The only limitation is getting the right data, but the impact will be based on the ability to source for data collection methods that will assist in reaching the intended goal.
v. Data Collection: Data will be collected using quantitative and qualitative methods in which questionnaires and interviews will be conducted to extract information.
B. Presentation of data
a. Graphs and charts will be used for representation
C. Summary and recommendations
a. It is important for any business to come up with the ideal working platforms that will assist in generating new customer bases across the market
b. Setting up such client-related studies allows workers to make better utility of the products available (Hirsh, Kang, & Bodenhausen 579)
c. It is important that clients get the right products, and this study will be essential in providing the right notion for the sake of improving market shares and consumer satisfaction
d. Proper utility of these statistics will see companies generate clients that are more loyal, get more people happy with their shopping experiences and create a new ability to capitalize on the decision-making process used by entrepreneurs to gain more clients (Hirsh, Kang, & Bodenhausen 580).
e. Retailers must understand the responses given by each client based on different environmental and market factors (Hirsh, Kang, & Bodenhausen 580).
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