Research paper on current events

The article “ Ukrainian parliament removes President Yanukovych, who flees Kiev in ‘coup’, explains that the Ukrainian president was voted from office by the Ukrainian parliament shortly after he fled from his office in Kiev. This was after protestors stormed his office and having him vacates his office in the Kiev announcing that it was a staged coup. Since the president was affiliated to Russia, this will make the eastern European country lean more towards Europe and less towards the republic of Russia. It is also in steep contrast of the Russian president’s dream of restoring the former Soviet Union to its former glory. The former president of the country refused to leave the country saying that the decision by parliament was illegal and comparable to the dark periods in Germany after the 1930s. Even with his defiance of the decision, it seems that decisive decision by parliament was final. Even the police have joined sides with the protestors. The transfer of power is promised by cabinet to be smooth. The opposition has the opportunity to run for the office. In addition, the president is not even allowed to come back to his residence in the city of Kiev.
The concept of the summary is to show the ability of the masses to take matters into their own hands and to make a change.
This article shows the power that that the masses and cabinet acted upon to remove the president from office and to ban him from rerunning for elections or even entering his home. The actions by parliament and mass action ensured that the country was more affiliated to Europe instead of Russia. It also ensured that the country would have a change of president and the opposition, which was favored by the people, would have a chance to contest for presidency.

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