Research paper on human resource

The organizations are changing with the upcoming modern technologies. Working in an organization becomes a pleasure when they modify their styles, environment, and cultures of that place and keep their internal partners i. e. their employees satisfied. Every job is becoming demanding with the change it encounters each day. It becomes all the more important for each and every employee to keep themselves abreast in these varied trends. The selection of the right person at the right time for the right job, suitable for the right place is very essential for each organization. Being an employee myself, I can understand the intricacies required in this cumbersome process.
One day my immediate boss had called over a cup of tea for a formal discussion about the kind of work I had put in, all over the years in their organization. He had acknowledged my work by saying that I was a great combination of diligence and intelligence. He had wanted me to do him a favour during the period of my next one year left with the organization. I had been given the most precious years of my service as an administrator at the government organization. I have never ever encountered such a hard task as tedious as this where he wanted my energies to be utilized as a rational superior. This looking back had given me a scope to find such a person either who already belonged to this organization, who would know the policies, objectives, strategies of the organization, who would easily take the new responsibilities and start working passionately on his/ her new job profile or who is ready to take up the responsibility of an altogether new organization with strong dedication and devotion to make it reach new heights.


There is a long process required to be undertaken by the HR Department before selecting someone appropriate for the job. The process of selecting my successor started from recruitment, selection, induction, and training to development with every step transforming the raw employee into a learned resource. The employee proves to be an asset for the organization with the moving time. They are able to understand the complexities and evolve with their experience in this process. I had taken the help of the HR department to coordinate with the whole process of selection and to support me in proving my successor to be an asset for the organization. The task had become tiresome for me as a superior as all my energies were to be utilized in coming to a rational decision of choosing someone who could substitute me if not better.


The organizations as usual always have their minimum required qualification depending on the need of the job. The prospective employee is supposed to fulfil the criteria as it acts as a basis for him/ her to gain more from the job profile in the appropriate manner. The person can analyse situation, foresee the future requirements and respond to the constantly changing external stimulus. Every job has its own kind of skill set requirement, education can only provide for the ground which will act as a building block in laying the foundation for effective understanding about the job. This can be exemplified through my job as a bureaucrat which is full of responsibilities; needs a quality of empathy, good listening capacity, remain vigilant to the every new move from the opponent, it’s a challenging position to be at and have qualities that will help the person to always come up to the mark. There is no second chance to improve the situations that are faced by the administrator once.


I interviewed several candidates for the final selection. I had taken their unstructured interview by firing them with the several questions, even tried some with the stress interview to have information whether they will be able to take prudent decision at the time of emergency, several panel interviews with many rounds of interview. The person has to grow with every instance be it good or bad. But, an interviewer I was supposed to know at which position they as person stand and from where they need to start their training from. The ideal condition of making the person I had selected as my successor to start the work was when his competencies would match the competencies of work to be done, but there is always a room for improvement for him to work diligently on the core areas and build competencies. There has to be a mutual coordination from both the employee and the organization. In order, to work on building competencies there should be proper research done by the organization so that the internal partner can have trust on the organization’s initiative. These core competencies will help both of them to respond to external stimulus in advance, generate belongingness for the organization by the employee. One should not forget that the organization has incurred a huge sum of money for bringing the employee at its gate, undergone the long tiring process of scrutinizing the application, conducted several interviews at various levels and concluded by undergoing the negative process of selecting i. e. choosing the best qualified employee among many others.


Training plays an indispensable role in learning and knowing the technical changes in the completion of the task properly. There are special efforts taken by corporates to groom the employees through training by conducting on job as well as off job sessions. Off the job sessions help the participant to learn lessons about the job from the trainers who are well equipped with the experiences of the job. On the job helps the employee to infer several new aspects of the job while experiencing every detail by themselves. I wanted that my successor should undergo both these trainings so that he can comfortably enter into my shoes. Development of the employee has also been the buzz word these days as it helps to look into the overall aspects of the employee such as the personal, emotional, interpersonal etc. The successor was given sessions to develop the soft skills and other professional attributes. It will indeed, help the organization to easily bring changes in the working environment by making the employee part of it himself. It helps to cultivate the behavioural changes in the employees to take up novel initiatives of the organization due to technological, political, economic changes. While interviewing and making him go through the process of selection I had as an interviewer highlighted on the essence of experience to the panel interviewing the prospective candidates along with me. Experience of the employees may be in the same field or diverse sphere can help them to grow as the mature professionally with every new level in it. The experience can help formulate new ideas by exploring several other avenues of solving problems. Experience is the constant learning of the employee consciously and sub- consciously. Skill sets can be developed by studying the job specification. There is an induction which is a formal way to make the new entrant in the company know about the working environment, policies, objectives, strategies of the organization. It helps to easily take new responsibilities and start working passionately on his/ her new job profile. It is indeed a mode of making the new person realise that the company he/ she is about to enter is whole heartedly willing to take him in the new world of learning.
This option of selecting the candidate from the new sources becomes expensive so this cost can be substituted by performing selection through an internal source. Internal Source also proves to be beneficial as the employee is well acquainted with the happenings in the organization. This source acts a motivation for the employee as it will be change in the job profile, transfer from one branch to another, exposure to the new responsibilities. I had left no stone unturned while going through both these sources of recruitment. The evaluation of the job and the corresponding employee with respect to the job is studied. The expertise of the employee will be build when the superior will give them open canvas to move, think under their own supervision.
The proper delegation of work along with the adequate balance of responsibility and accountability will help them to learn faster and build on their core competencies. They will maintain their performing patterns and lead to bringing higher results in alignment to the company’s objectives. The employee’s confidence to find path and find their direction themselves will fetch goodwill for the organization. It will help to invent new pastures in the same field of doing business differently. The motivation will be derived by the employee from these initiatives. The organization can discover various modes to trap employee’s drives of fulfilling their tasks successfully and trying to move to their next level of their needs hierarchy by finding satisfaction. There are different approaches to know about the reasons of dissatisfaction among the employees. Discussion, grievance handling sessions, interviews, observations which will help open door for the employees to come forward in order to share with their organizations, to bring policies that are conducive for the mutual growth of both the parties.
Human resource is an extremely versatile of all the resources available to an organization. So, it becomes all the more important for corporates to consider their needs of evolution with the changing times so that they do not become obsolete. There should be proper emphasis given on the building of their soft skills competencies so that they can communicate well. Communication being the two way process will help both the corporates and their employees to convey their aspirations to each other. It can be considered a good source of motivation for the employee as he/she will feel the belongingness towards the organization. It helps also to know what is expected from each one out of the roles assigned. The coordination can help organization to grow mutually considering the needs of people who are devoting their maximum time, energies to it. There should be proper emphasis given on the functions, values, mission and objectives of the organization. It will help the person to pave the way for him to make contribution for the organization.


Motivation is a force that has an enormous amount of energy in generating better results. The organization has to device novel measures in order to trap the positive energies for leading towards successful outcomes. Nowadays, several steps are taken by the corporates to make the employee feel an essential part of it by providing leisure intervals in between their working hours, giving recognition, informal interactive sessions to help communicate effectively, providing participatory leadership opportunities, conducting projects of corporate social responsibility, celebrating events and occasions together to generate the feeling of oneness. There are appraisals such as job and performance conducted which look in to the working of an employee by firstly defining the standards of work required to be done, analysing the actual performance and then informing him about the deviation, if any to make him try and reach the zenith of perfection. These appraisals are also the critical evaluators for all the employees. It acts as a measuring rod for helping them perform efficiently. There are several recognitions given to the employee who is constantly working towards it. These efforts of the organization become the control agents directly and indirectly for all the employees. There are success stories narrated in the formal gathering of employees to applaud the real performer and help others to imitate while discovering new methods of working. Human Resource is no doubt an important part of any organization and due to its diverse nature it becomes all the more crucial to handle it judiciously in the constantly changing working environment. An organization should always try and take them along further in order to reach the heights of triumph. Their talent can prove to be an asset forever if, properly, consciously and judiciously channelized.