Research paper on m2 responses

Part I (answer the 3 bullets for each colleague’s response)

Question 1
Hello Glen Worthy & Kristen Martello, I like your posts very much. I like the way you have presented your research topic. The problem statement is also well crafted and the question is also clear. I would like to see the way you will approach it and the way in which you will tackle the dependent and independent variables. The overall presentation of the question is very good.

Question 2

Hello Glen Worthy & Kristen Martello, I like the way you have approached your study designs. I thank that it could be great if you could use one design, either qualitative or quantitative method. I would prefer the quantitative method because it can help you understand and elaborately describe the test the relationship between the variables. Your sampling strategies are great. They will sure bring you to the desired analysis and evaluations.

Question 3

I strongly think that the approach that both of you have employed will help in answering the questions you have formulated

Part II

This activity has enabled me know how to go about writing a research paper. I now know how to come up with a research design that will enable me answer any given question objectively. I can now question the credibility of a research design which will enable me test my hypothesis. This way, I can always get the desired results and answers to my research question
Understanding the sampling strategy is also very important. This understanding will enable me as a researcher to find the most suited group that will ensure that I get the desired results. By looking at how my classmates approached their research questions, I have come to an understanding that much of the work shares quite a number of similarities.