Restoration of rauza sharif, sirhind, punjab


Abstraction: Sacred memorials such as Mausoleums, Shrines, and Dargahs of Sufis represent the traditional grave architecture. Among the major such Mausoleums “ The Rauza Sharif of Mujaddid Alfisani” at Sirhind, Punjab is like one of these memorials holding great historical, spiritual and cultural significance. Hence our purpose is to document the present conditions of the impact zone, in footings of Architecture, planning, stuffs and engineering and place the lack on assorted foreparts, based on this analysis of the impact zone, place the potency of architectural intercessions and consequently propose appropriate design solution to turn to the concerns of today and tomorrow.

Keywords: Sacred memorials, Dargahs, congestion, climatic impact, climatic control, invasions, atmosphere, holiness, repose.


Brief history : The sacred “ RAUZA SHARIF” at Sirhind, Punjab is the topographic point of historical significance and besides spiritual and cultural significance. Rauza Sharif or Dargah of Shaikh Ahmad FaruqiSirhindi ( popularly known as Mujaddid, Alf-Isfani ) is situated on the Sirhind Bassi Pathana Road at a little distance to the North of Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib . Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi lived at this topographic point during the times of Akbar and Jahangir from 1563 to 1624. The Urs jubilation ( decease day of remembrance ) of the Mujadid are held here for more than 300 old ages and are mostly attended by Moslems from India , Pakistan , Afghanistan , Dutch east indies , Bangladesh and other Muslim states.

There are a figure of other graves in the compound largely of the members of Shaikh Ahmad ‘s house. The mausoleum is a all right edifice made of bricks partially overlaid with rock and marble. Near to it there is the mausoleum of Rati-ud-Din, an ascendant of the Mujadid. Not far here are the rauzas of Mujaddid’s boies Khawaja Muhammad Sadiq and Khwaja Muhammad Masum. The rauza of latter is sometimes called rauzachini on history of its first-class mosaic work. In its premises are many other Gravess of the members of the house of the said reformist and some members of the governing household of Kabul . There is a expansive mosque with a cellar and a little armored combat vehicle for executing ablution before the supplications. The shrine has since been taken over by Government of India as a historic memorial and regular employees have been kept here for its care, up maintain and care.

The point of position of every person with regard to the sacredness of a holy topographic point varies. most of the trusters follow the lone imprints of their ascendants and give no importance to the atmosphere and holiness of the topographic point which if non given consideration will eventually ensue in a topographic point holding merely crowd of trusters sitting in a topographic point of heavy via medias in footings of infinite quality and kernel of the sacred feel. For illustration. KALIYAR SHARIF. One gets a cheerless feeling if he/she visits the topographic point for the first clip. Though the program is really much celebrated and one becomes eager to see it when he hears its name. In the same manner “ The Rauza Sharif” at Sirhind, should be given the attending so that in the class of clip the increase in the figure of multitudes sing this topographic point do non present any sort of menace to its atmosphere.


The present country of site of Rauza Sharif covers an country of approximately 12 Estates, embracing 7 shrines with the chief shrine of AL MUJADID as per our first visit we found following factors which should be thought of and their solutions should be incorporated in the design proposal for the development and preservation of this heritage site.

  1. The ancient constructions of the site such as the guestrooms, ablution pool etc. should be maintained and given due importance the guestrooms doors open towards the chief entryway ambulatory plaza disturb the privateness of its invitees, apart from this there is excessively much congestion in these suites. The solution of this will be that the burden of these suites must be reduced and some more guest suites should be made away i. e. out of the direct sight of the visitants come ining the chief entryway gate.
  2. There is invasion in the composite by the staff houses which spoil the atmosphere of the Rauza Sharif, and should be screened off wholly from the chief shrine by relocating them someplace else on the site and by making landscape gardening.
  3. In summers noon clip one thinks of rapidly running off after sing the topographic point due to heat and tiredness, hence the countries bring forthing the plentifulness of heat such as cardinal plaza without any verdure or any shading shelter should be thought off.
  4. The shrine composite has got a plentifulness of agricultural land which can be utilized for seting fly-by-night trees apart from using them for the intent ofagribusinessbesides. Another thing is that there is no proper connectivity between the chief shrine and the shrines of the predecessors of Al Mujaddid as a consequence of which one leaves them unvisited, by and large during their first visit, therefore there should be a proper ocular and prosaic connectivity. Their care will besides so be given importance.
  5. The paths in the composite should be planned such that the Sub shrines should besides be visited by the visitants. These complecting tracts shall hold street furniture and besides the rock pieces holding engraved on them the history of the topographic point, thereby doing the visit more enlightening and synergistic.
  6. The pool which is unmaintained soon should besides be maintained and reopened as it will assist in cut downing the heat of the premises and will besides function the intent for which it was ab initio built i. e. ablution.

Cosmic Coherence:

The cosmic coherency of the premises should besides be analyzed and a layout program which coincides and lucifers with the coherent forces should be implemented in the new proposal of the shrine composite so that anenvironmentof holiness and repose is maintained, which should decidedly be the property of the sacred infinite, as the sacred edifice is a topographic point that contains certain qualities similar to those arising from nature in harmoniousness with its milieus.


  1. Limit of all the shrines within the country of survey of the site, placing other heritage constructions which fulfill the supportive maps for illustration the invitee house, pools etc, which are to be retained and restored.
  2. Identify the constructions presenting hinderance to the position of the heritage construction, deteriorating its atmosphere and magnificence and pulverizing them for illustration houses and quarters of the workers.
  3. The constructions which can’t be demolished should be subdued by taking one upper narrative and adding the elements which compliment the original heritage construction.
  4. Taking clime into consideration implement/provide some shading devices for illustration canopies, arbors along the paseos which will assist in cut downing heat for the visitants every bit good as staff.
  5. The prominence of the sellers selling tea, java, bites and juice should be reduced by cut downing or curtailing the size of the stall. It could be done by doing a standard faculty of the peddling stables.
  6. Planing the proper path for the prosaic traffic coming to the shrine composite such that no visitant accidentally leaves the other shrines unvisited. All the shrines within the composite should be decently maintained by carefully analyzing these constructions and taking the multiple beds of white wash applied over their surface one over the other in due class of clip thereby uncovering the original masonry construction and eventually cleansing and using the transparent varnish over its surface to protect it against the gnawing conditions.
  7. Peoples populating in the premises besides rear cowss. They should be besides given due consideration and should be planned carefully.


The heritage site under survey should be restored in such a manner that it is free from ugly invasions or instead free from the invasions of peripheral importance to supply positions and views in the site, taking to and from the heritage edifices to the public topographic points ( remainder houses, Parkss, sitting countries etc. ) . the street flower stalks should be provided such as street furniture and canopies etc. to cut down the heat generated during the hot conditions and all the heritage edifice within the composite should be readily seeable with regard to each other and the peripheral or the supportive services such as, guest house, ablution country, staff quarters and lavatories etc. should be visually segregated and physically accessible with easiness to its users.


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