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1. Planyo Reservation System – an online reservation system which can be used by any business taking bookings (for days, nights, hours or minutes, or scheduled events). It’s used, amongst others, by businesses offering vacation properties, car rentals, hotels, driving schools, yacht charters, doctors and therapists, conference rooms, tennis courts, car parks, event tickets or any other bookings you could imagine.

Automate everything

Save your employees time by automating a majority of tasks related to reservations, including design of the booking form, payments, email communication, inventory management

2. Checkfront Online Bookings

Increase revenues: Let your customers seamlessly book and pay right on your existing website. Save Time: Show pricing and availability in real-time – 24 hours a day. Price it your way: Bundles, daily deals, packages, seasonal promos & more. No programmer needed: Works on any website.

Commission free bookings: Don’t overpay your booking system when you’ve done the hard work. 3. Simple Table Booking System Improve Marketing: Use booking statistics, history and client reviews to analyze and improve. Sell your slow times with special offers and promotions. Secure Client Database: Collect, access and manage client database. Use booking logs from anywhere. Export emails and phone numbers easily. Secure data backup. Advance yet Simple: Use advanced features to manage restaurant dining rooms, group tables, set priorities and create unlimited schedules. Once setup, system will do everything for you. It’s that simple! Make less mistakes: Reducing human work with a system, you get less booking errors. No more misspelled names, incorrect booking times or even lost bookings. No more mistakes, no more stress! 4. Online Reservation System

Accept online Reservations with no cover fees: Take reservations at your restaurant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via your website, SeatMe. com, and mobile phones. No per-cover fees. Manage your reservations in one place: Track your reservations and walk-in diners easily and intuitively. Track your reservations from anywhere you can access: Add more predictability to your business by tracking upcoming reservations. 5. Music Scheduling System: are employed to sequence music at radio stations.

Although these systems were originally implemented by manual index card methods, since the late 1970s they have exploited the efficiency and speed of digital computers. They are essential tools for broadcasting by music radio stations. These systems are databases of the songs in active rotation at a radio station, plus an ample set of rules for sequencing them in accordance with specific policies. For example, there may be restrictions on how much time must pass between two songs by the same artist, or whether a song played during noontime today may be heard at noontime tomorrow (or not). There are also rules for what kinds of songs may succeed another according to tempos or other characteristics.