Rio tinto japan

CASE STUDY Executive Summary Rio Tinto Japan should encourage their employees to work at home instead of going to the office until sufficient information on their safety while travelling back to work shall be provided1. To avoid such unnecessary risk and loss for both the company and the employees, the management team should contact their administration department to create a temporary online space with backup and information regarding the employees’ work for them to work at home without having them to compromise their safety by going to the office. In addition, Rio Tinto headquarter in London will have to scale down its operation in Japan and get other affiliated business group to increase their operations for the time being as this shall minimize the losses that will be incurred in Japan. Although times are hard times, if the above steps are taken then Rio Tinto will preserve its most valuable intangible asset, their image, worldwide. Decision Criteria In this case study the manager of Rio Tinto will use the following key decision criteria: 1. maintaining customer satisfaction, corporate image- 2. employees safety, morale or turnover, 3. Minimizing the environmental impact. Corporate Objectives Decision Criteria and Metrics Customer satisfaction, corporate image Meeting the demands of their customers Not stopping operation even when it is very hard Keeping their word Employees safety, morale or turnover Allowing employees to work from their homes Training employees to advance their knowledge Better remuneration Minimizing the environmental impact Contracting other companies to help in distribution Identification of the problem The case revealed that there was resistance from each product group on sending their sensitive data to the manager of marketing projects with Rio Tinto marketing secretariat. Cause In the business perspective, compiling the KPI data from each product group is critically important to the Rio Tinto company. For instance, in order to market beyond the group, there is need for improving the already existence and profile marketing in the company as this will show how marketing increases value to it. Mr. Yuki, who is the manager, spends about 85% to 90% of his time planning and administering the marketing programs courses. He delivers these marketing courses for training the Rio Tinto employees mostly in the mornings2. Despite having diverse locations and culture to operate in, it is important to be patient and persistence, he says, to understand the difference in language, priorities and culture of every individual. This goes along the way in helping the company to ensure that there is no misunderstanding among the individuals, who have different priorities, in the global environment that Rio Tinto operates. Developing Alternatives In developing alternatives for the problems affecting the handling of the business, a key factor to be considered is communication. For this reason, it significant for an employer to communicate freely and aptly with his/her employer for a successful results in business. Secondly, the both the administration and workforce ought to resume to work and ensure a mistake is not repeated since it might cause the business to incur a great lose. Rio Tinto will establish a back-up system that will ensure the business does not fail completely by offering a second option when facing difficulties and challenges. The back-up system will also enhance the business to recover from emergencies in cases they might occur unexpectedly. Working stuff would have to be treated professionally and maturely in order to boost their morale in delivering splendid results. This can be done by ensuring that their wages and salaries are paid on time and in the correct amount. The administration may offer bonus and gifts for those individuals working and performing well to appreciate their hard work. Further, the suppliers of the Rio Tinto would have to continue with work by playing the role of providing the necessary good for the business according to the terms and conditions. This will also go hand in hand in relating to the budget being applied, to ensure that understanding prevails. Solutions The manager will choose customer satisfaction and corporate image as Rio Tinto is a global company that has reputation, which it has built over the time. Secondly, the manger will also choose the alternative of employees’ safety, morale or turnover as this will give the company a good pr as a caring and concerned company3. This will attract future workforce. Lastly, the manager will pick the alternative of minimizing the environmental impact so as not to interrupt their production. The best alternative here will be choosing customer satisfaction or corporate image as Rio Tinto is a global company with global market presence. Implications The manager will have to contract other companies to help in supply their products to various companies that rely on them in Japan. In addition, he will allow the employees to work from home until their safety is guaranteed and there must be no layoff whatsoever. All departments of the business ought to ensure they perform well according to their areas of expertise4. The management can do this by applying these policies through integrated arrangements and feedback systems. Lastly, another implication to be taken seriously is considering the significance of clients in a business environment. This can be done by ensuring that workers relate well and professionally with clients by teaching them ethics and morals. The good interaction will secure the client and make him/her to come back or invite friends and relatives in the business; hence, boosting sales of the trade. Bibliography Falkner, Robert. 2013. The handbook of global climate and environment policy. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Inc.