Roles of verbal and nonverbal communication

The Role of Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Sherry Collison Professional Communications MGM105 Professor Robert Miller August 27, 2007 As president and founder of “ Caring Hearts Home Health Care”, I need to get word out of an upcoming new customer service program. Since we have several branches in several states it is imperative that we get the message to everyone, whether it is office executives, case managers, nurses, or field employees. Nobody is to be left out for we all need to be on the same page when it comes to our clients, for they are the true essences of our company. Without them there wouldn’t be a company. {Bayada Nurses} Since we have employee from different cultures and ethical backgrounds we need to be sensitive to their needs and lines of communication. Therefore we need to be sure that we communication in a way that will be sufficient for them also. The communication needs to be precise and to the point to keep the listeners attention. There also needs to be time allotted for questions and answers so if there’s something that isn’t fully understood we can explain. Patience is a key to understanding. Perfection is a goal we strive for. In order to get this across to everybody we will e-mail the director at each branch of the upcoming new program. Stating the program and having a contact number for any questions. They will be required to respond to said e-mail acknowledging receipt of e-mail. They are to then set up a meeting in each individual branch to go over the new program with their employees. The meetings should be broke down into groups of departments. They will therefore e-mail there head people informing them of a staff meeting, with time, date, and place for attendance. I think it would best to do pay-check stuffers for our field employee since some don’t come into office at all; they do all paperwork by fax and phone. Now I realize that 80% of our employee had direct deposit though we do still mail them a pay stub. We let them know of the mandatory staff in-service with dates and times to choose from that will fit into their schedules. They are to call confirming the one they having chosen. I feel that in-services will work best for us for it is contact, with the ability to make sure that everything is understood. {Bayada Nurses} Questions can be asked, as well as any suggestions that may be had. We are a contact business and would like to let our employees see that as well. I don’t feel that the wave of technology that we now have would be that beneficial to us, besides the e-mail from state to state. The reason being we want to make sure everything is understood, besides with the in-services you have record of everybody that attended, so no one can come back and say “ they didn’t know”. Communication is considered effective only when others understand your message correctly and response in a productive matter back to you. {John V. Thill & Courtland L. Bovee} Posting at the office could be done though as stated many of the field employees rarely come in, so that wouldn’t get our message across. Phones also don’t have the records of acknowledgement. Communication is very important to all companies, big or small. You want to make sure that all your employees know that they are always welcome to communication a problem or concern and that it will be addressed. Without communication even the best of companies will falter. Reference Edition, Pearson John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee, 2007, Excellence in Business Communication 5th Education LTD Bayada Nurses, {2005} The Importance of Documentation & Communication, Inservice