Russia to start supplying iran with a sophisticated air defense missile system

IRAN: Russia to start supplying Iran with a sophisticated air defense missile system (S-300s). Summary: The United States and Israel have criticized the decision by the Russian Government to lift the ban on S-300s, which will boost Iran’s ability to shield themselves from air attacks.
Development: After the United Nations imposed sanctions on Iran in 2010 concerning its nuclear programme, the distribution of S-300s was cancelled. However, recently, the Russian Head of State gave an approval when Tehran struck a short-term agreement with the global powers to restrain nuclear activities for the relief of sanctions. This $800 million contract to deliver the S-300s condemned by the U. S. and Israel who were scared that Iran could use it to guard its nuclear against any form of air attacks. The foreign minister for Russia Sergey Lavrov claimed that the distribution was put on hold completely willingly to assist the discussion on Iran’s nuclear programme. The defense ministry of Russia added that it was now prepared to distribute the S-300 equipment’s promptly. Iran welcomed the decision saying it was a significant step to ensure stability and security in the region.
Analysis: The development of a nuclear bomb by the Iranian government was put on hold by these sanctions, with Russia being among the world powers who reached an agreement with Iran concerning its nuclear programme. The United States is attempting to encourage challengers not to block the implementation of the deal. John Kerry, the US Secretary of state, said that they should hold their horses up until they see the final agreement. Nevertheless, it is not yet known as to when the equipment will be delivered as the two sides have set a 30th June deadline to reach a complete deal. Robust discussions lie ahead, in specific on when and how to lift the sanctions (BBC, 1)
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