Salem witch trials informativeassignment assignment

The Salem Witch Trials occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. This began in the winter of 1 692 and then ended in the fall of 1693. People were killed because the villagers’ believed in witch craft and witches. The Salem Witch Trials were started by the two girls Elizabeth Paris and Sarah Osborne. Everybody thought that it was just a disease called Ergot and that they were affected by it. Later on in this experience of the two girls villagers began believing that it was witchcraft. People were saying they saw omen with the Devil, Satan, practicing witch craft.

So Samuel Paris, Elizabeth Paris’ father, came to a conclusion of his slave, Tuba, being a witch and had been talking to Satan. As soon as he had come to this conclusion, he rushed home, and started blaming her for everything happening to his daughter and her cousin Sarah Osborne. This was a dark time because of people being hanged for no good of a reason. One man was even crushed by stones because people started believing that all those people were witches and were caught practicing witch raft.

People were also afraid that their children were going to start acting weird as well. They wanted to put this to a stop but it wouldn’t work because there was more and more people being accused of being a witch. This occurred because of villagers’ belief in witches and them coming in contact with Satan. Also, because villagers’ were claiming of seeing women practicing witch craft. This was claimed to be because of a disease called Ergot. “ Ergot is the result of a mold, toxic and often fatal to humans. Clark, 2) “ In 1976, one historian suggested that perhaps a naturally occurring hallucination lay at the heart of one of the darkest moments in America’s history. ” (Clark, 1 ) They then began to believe that Elizabeth and Sarah G. Were possessed.