Sam houston and the american southwest

SAM HOUSTON AND THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST REVIEW Book Report/Review, History and Political Science The of Sam Houston and the American Southwest are Handlin Oscar and Randolph B. Campbell is a professor in University of North Texas in Denton; in fact, he wrote this book and may others such as Gone to Texas and The History of the Lone Star State. Nonetheless, Sam Houston and the American Southwest is an interesting book about life involving a child who is relentless and rebellious. Moreover, the author explains that the child had insignificant formal education, though he loved reading. The book explains about the journey that this character took after being tired of Tennessee, where he crossed the river to live among Cherokee Indians. Besides, the book explains that when he arrived at his destination, he lived with Indians Sam Houston and learnt significant lessons that later became applicable in his life. Therefore, he lived among the whites and Indians for this period of time. The book explains about the war that started in 1812, but Sam refrained from joining it as a volunteer; instead, he decided to study mathematics1. Later in 1813, he made another decision to join the seventh American Infantry, thereby abandoning his teaching career and this earned him a title to third Lieutenant; in fact, book explains that Sam managed to charge towards Creek reinforcement during a battle of reek war. Nonetheless, the book narrates that he was injured twice with arrows and they were defeated in the battle field; thus, Sam had to make petitions in order to remain in the military. Sam made friendship with Andrew Jackson, and later decided to appoint him as a Federal Agent; in fact, gave him a role to evict Cherokees from Tennessee; in fact, Jackson came from the army in 1818 at the age of twenty five. The story about Sam in continues to a point where he decided to vie for position of attorney after returning to Tennessee. Moreover, due to his long-lived friendship with Jackson, Sam benefit from substantial support by his friend through campaigns that lasted between 1822 and 1824. However, he managed to secure the position and even elected to be the house representative. The book explains later, later he was challenged by another person but he was shot though he survived. He later contested for a governorship position in Tennessee and won in 18272. In 1929, he decided to marry a girl who was a fifteen years younger than him, and divorced later after Sam went for voluntary exile. The book explores a life story of Sam Houston from this beginning in Tennessee to joining school, then military, till when he became a political leader. The book also focuses on expressing ideas that present his impact on Texas, since he had become an influential person; for instance, the book explains that he managed to establish a War against Mexico and the Civil War. The book focuses on characterizing Sam’s influence on Texas, through a focus on the political environment in the region during it early days as a Republic. The book sough to given a substantial explanation of Sam’s pursuit of living a great life attributed to role such as being the governor of two states, presidents of independent republic and senatorial role for a period of thirteen years. Nevertheless, it explains that he was involved in various controversies and other achievements. Moreover, the book presents its ideas about Houston in historical context of the West which was emerging during that moment. Therefore, his story portrays him as a courageous and fortitude person, who has understanding of chances and limitations associated with leadership and Democratic society. In conclusion, this book is interesting due to the way it expresses ideas regarding Sam Houston’s influence in Texas; in fact, he made a significant contribution towards attaining independence through the Civil War. In addition, the book explains his character to be a Union man and this was peculiar since he was a southerner. The book describes Huston’s love for his wife, though they were divorced after he went to voluntary exile. In this case, Handlin Oscar and Randolph Campbell made a significant contribution by providing information about this iconic character in American history of politics. On the other hand, this book makes a significant supplementation towards American History, through an exploration of figures in history. In fact, this contribution is made through inexpensive and interpretive biography since the book presents ideas regarding actions that influenced the American history and national life. Furthermore, this biography has an aspect of relation to subject’s life and a wide theme based on development of times. Bibliography Randolph Campbell, Oscar Handlin. Sam Houston and the American Southwest. New York, NY: HarperCollins, 1993, Print