Sample essay on emergency relief

An emergency relief program is an essential subject that has elicited myriad debate on the most appropriate ways towards ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness. Often, volunteer organizations step up in executing the mentioned program. It is however interesting to note that the mentioned voluntary organizations mostly rely on their resources to curb a prevailing hazardous situation. Emergency relief program among nations need to be therefore accredited the necessary support. The paper endeavors to highlight on emergency relief among agencies towards mitigating disaster stricken areas.
Prevalently, the major concern was McKenzie County in North Dakota. The mentioned county faced the wrath of storm, accompanied by a mild tornado. As a local service agency, our expertise and valued assistance was essential. Primarily, our list of available resources included; technical manpower, housing development facilities, available basic resources, mental and emotional health resources. The highlighted resources become vital in aiding the devastated town in McKenzie County. Basically, the primary challenges that were faced in by the populace in the small town included; lack of basic needs, deteriorated community health coupled with mass displacement and destruction of property (Ruggles, 2014).
In addressing the mentioned challenges, the agency acted with reasonable pace and commitment. Initially, through the existing food pantry, the agency prioritized the provision of food. The mild tornado destroyed the food resources the citizenry had for continual survival. By ensuring proper feeding program, the agency coordinated with the Bakken Oil Rush Ministries. Together, the two groups effectively constructed shops which enhanced food availability. Additionally, the agency donated water plus food, thereby, sponsoring a free Spaghetti Feed. The food provided was highly nutritional and sufficient (Wood, 2014). The main goal and objective in food provision was to increase nutritional aspect of the tornado stricken victims.
The problem of housing was also a disconcerting effect of the tornado. Typically, the storm though of low magnitude, destroyed the homes of the town occupants. Interestingly, none of the man camps available in McKenzie County had emergency shelters. Through the welfare assistance committee and technical manpower, temporary accommodation construction began. The mentioned construction guarded the town dwellers against adverse weather prone infections. Moreover, the dwellers got encouraged to put emergency plan in place. Categorically, the affected dwellers were urged to ensure that their campers together with trailers got appropriately secured with metal tie-downs and anchors (Ruggles, 2014). The major objective in housing provision and development involved, a reduction in harsh weather infections coupled with a sense of comfort and security.
Evidently, two individuals succumbed in the tornado strike. The deaths therefore necessitated a prompt action plan to the bereaved. For this reason, the mental and emotional health resources got implemented effectively. Also, the mentioned mental and emotional professionals established the families that were psychologically affected. The affected individuals majorly included women and children who suffered trauma. Categorically, the injured acquired sufficient treatment. Also, proper guidance and counseling to the traumatized by the health professionals initiated. The said guidance and counseling helped restore the lost mental sense of the greatly affected (MacPherson & Wood, 2014). In addition, the agency educated residence the small town in McKenzie County on the awareness of a tornado strike and the effective actions to install in avoiding the devastating tornado effects.
Conclusively, food security implementation by the use of the food pantry ensured no individual languished in hunger. Also, the improved housing development of the affected immensely elevated their living condition coupled with increased security level. The housing development was a success due to available technical manpower and finance. Finally, the available mental and emotional resource practitioners assisted in improving the deteriorated health. Also, the inflicted psychological trauma stamped out through proper counseling.


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