Sample essay on significance of music

Music is regarded as an important part of people’s life in today’s world. This is because it plays an integral as well as emotional role in an individual’s life. Everything around people and nature is considered as music since the most vital music is the music of nature. Therefore, it is wide clear that everybody in this world needs music for survival regardless of the genre. Additionally, music is the only road to a person’s happiness especially when they feel frustrated and pressed. Various types of music usually help in soothing an individual’s disturbed soul in that it enliven them to live life to the fullest as well as promoting the growth of concentration. There are types or varied genres of music since different people have different preferences or tastes. These varied genres may include rock, jazz, classical, folk, metal and even rap music (Reimer 325).
Music is known to have a great significance into people’s lives. For instance, many employers use music to enable them increase business productivity level by allowing their employees to listen to music as they work. This is because music acts as a motivating factor and thus enables individuals to feel encouraged to provide their best when listening to music. Moreover, many doctors especially those that deal mental and physical disorders like cardiologists and psychiatrists rely on music in treating patients with heart diseases and mental depressions. In addition, many people nowadays usually feel that music is the best companion especially when they are alone, when travelling and even acts as a solace an individual is feeling sad. It also helps people to be united as well as maintaining their cultural values effectively (Reimer 325).
In a nutshell, music plays a vital role in assisting people maintain their cultural values and even personal values. It is loved and regarded as vital by different people hence those individuals who do not comprehend the significance of music can always be edified in order for them to indulge and imbue into music.

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