Say no to one night stand

Attention Grabber Do you know what does one night stand means? The term ‘ one night stand’ means that you have a sexual relationship with a person you meet or possibly a person you never meet before and both of you have no intention to ever meet again or to continue the relationship. It can happen anytime. II. Reveal Topic Today, I would like to talk about some of the harms of one night stand and persuade all of you to stay away from having this kind of action. III.

Relevance Statements There are various reason people having a one night stand such as too much of drink, trips away from home, curiosity about one night stand and the likes. Some people who involved in the one night stand are sensible and happy with the situation where no harm is done. Nowadays, this phenomenon is getting more serious than ever. My suggestion is that everyhuman beingshould prohibit themselves from having one night stand, consider that it could lead to several serious consequences. IV. Preview of Main PointsSome of the harms of having one night stand are: (a) infection of virus and disease (b) unexpectedly pregnancy (c) regretting and guilty feeling BODY I. One night stand causes virus and disease (Packerpack, 2010).

* This is the most danger risk of having one night stand. i. He or she may enjoy having sex with you without telling you that he or she is infected. ii. The people might leaving you with some deadly virus like AIDS or HIV. II. One night stand causes pregnancy accidently (Mary, 2009).

* Another result of one night stand is a child born. i. Mostly, you can’t get to contact the people you having one night stand because he or she possibly not leaving any contact ways for you since the person has no intention to ever meet you again. ii. You mayabortionthe baby or give a birth to baby that the child may never know who their father or mother is. III. One or both of the parties regretting what they have done.

(Paul, 2008) * Some of the people will say, ‘ I know what I’m exactly doing and not regretting of having one night stand. i. They forget that this guilty feeling come after the night goes by. ii. Some of the people involved in one night stand because they are drunk or trips away from home. iii. This will make them regretting and feel guilty to betray their partner of having one night stand with others if he or she are already into a relationship.

CONCLUSION I. Summary of Main Points In conclusion, one night stand brings us a lot of negative effects such as: (a) it causes infections and virus diseases (b) it may cause unexpected pregnancy, and (c) it causes us to feel guilty. II. Memorable Concluding Statement Having a one night stand is not love, not a pleasure, not attraction or relationship. If someone is inviting you to have a one night stand whether he or she is your friends or someone you just met, please be polite and just say no to the person. REFERENCES Mary, P 2009, “ Pregnant after a one-night stand: the accidental mother”, viewed 20 November 2010, from < http://women. timesonline.

co. uk> Pakerpack, 2010, “ The one night stand”, viewed 18 November 2010, from < http://hubpages. com/hub/The-One-Night-Stand>. Paul, S 2008, “ The one-night stand blues: How girls are left to regret brief encounters”, viewed 18 November 2010, from www. dailymail. co. uk