School sport should be complusory essay

I believe that all school sport should be compulsory. It keeps you fit, it is a good way to socialise and it is convenient. Doing compulsory school sport keeps you fit. By doing a regular amount of exercise each week it will keep you more fit than not doing any.

Wouldn’t your parents want to know if you weren’t doing any exercise? Doctor Andre Kokis, head of interventional cardiology at CHUM, said exercise can help you control your weight and lower blood pressure. It can also improve your blood sugar control: in fact, exercise can help control and in some cases it can completely eliminate type 2 diabetes or glucose intolerance. Exercise improves general heart function. By doing compulsory school sport at least you are getting some physical exercise into your normal week. We as a generation are getting more obese and generational obesity is occurring more frequently. Conquering generational obesity and setting good habits at a young age is one way to minimise obesity. Think about it, with that time you would either have more academic classes, which no one wants, or you would just be bored being a couch potato at home.

Doing compulsory school sport it is a great way to socialise. You and your friends can be in a team, verse other schools and even the possibly beat them if you are skilled enough. You can also meet other people in different classes who you don’t normally hang around with.

Would you prefer to play sport with your friends or without them? What would be a better way to combine exercise and socialising than by doing it with school sport. Did you know that kids between age twelve and eighteen age should be at least sixty minutes of physical activity everyday and should be done from a moderate to vigorous intensity. Think about it, doing school sport would be so boring without your friends around, so why not do it with them.

Doing compulsory school sport is convenient. While you are already at school why not include some vigorous exercise. All you have to do is remember to your sport uniform and get on a bus to a location you are training at.

Then you have a good tough training session if you put in the hard work and get a bus back to school. You don’t even have to walk far from the bus to the location because they drop you right out the front. We as a nation are complaining about how far everything is away from us and how long it takes to get everywhere. But with the buses they take you right there. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave school because training is at school on their grounds.

So all you have to do is walk to the area you will be training in. What could be more convenient? Think about it, you get taken by bus to the location you want for training then get a bus back to school. School sport should be compulsory because kids aged between 12-18 should be doing 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day, you can make great new friendships you will cherish forever and all you have to do in get on a bus or walk to the area in your school where you train.

Let me leave you with one last thought, if that doesn’t convince you to do it then this will. Why would you want to be obese, have high blood pressure and it can eliminate type two diabetes or glucose intolerance.