School uniforms: they are definitely to be worn

School Uniforms: They are definitely to be worn School uniforms have long been a topic of debate between those who believe the public school system should offer personal freedoms and those who believe it helps provide an appropriate environment for learning. There are many reasons uniforms can be helpful in enhancing the student’s learning experience. It helps if you look at these dress codes as you would a uniform for work, as school is a child’s work. While uniforms may be costly for parents, they save money in the future with trends changing, laundry, and students can focus on learning. So unlike trying to catch up with the different season styles, you could say that uniforms are a timeless investment. Some students may find it difficult to find an outfit to wear in the morning, particularly females. But when you have a school uniform, you are provided with a relatively easy selection of what to wear to school. Uniforms help to change the attitude of those wearing them. Unlike regular clothing choices, you are not likely to pick on someone wearing the exact same thing as yourself. Many schoolyard fights have begun with someone making fun of someone else regarding the clothing they are wearing. Dressing nicely also helps students to ” live up to their clothing.” There is an innate sense of decorum when we dress for success. People tend to act differently depending on the clothing they are wearing. By creating a uniform specifically designed for attending school, the attitude falls in line. When those clothes are on, it becomes as regular as putting on pajamas, so a brain knows it is time to focus and learn. If a student could choose their own apparel, could you even imagine the amount of laundry one’s parents would have to do? Consider this; a new pair of under garments, a shirt or blouse, shorts or jeans, possibly a jumper, some socks, and even some extra clothes for recreational activities, multiplied by every day of the week, and add in everyone else’s clothes! A lot of people have two, three or even four children so as you could imagine, this would be extremely unnecessary. School uniforms have the potential to save parents money on clothing. Plain uniform clothing is less expensive than the brands that middle and high school students like to wear. Furthermore, because there is no variety in a school uniform, children who wear them need fewer outfits in their wardrobes. Having a uniform is popular in secondary and intermediate schools. Some people believe that primary schools should be included, and I agree completely. As mentioned before, kids and teenagers go through a lot of clothing. But could you imagine a little boy running around the playground ripping his new clothes? I believe that having a uniform would help teach children to respect their belongings. It also saves money down the track with trends changing constantly, and this can prove to be very costly for parents. Having a compulsory uniform represents the school as being tidy and disciplined, whereas mufti would give the impression of low standards. Uniforms should definitely be in schools all over New Zealand. They save time in the morning deciding what to wear and students can concentrate on the learning, instead of trying to impress others. They do not form as many problems with students and teachers do not have to deal with bullying or other negative comments. Uniforms are an all-around money and time saver. While some uniforms are not attractive they give the wearer a sense of equality. By Niki