Security threats in louisiana

The Mall of Louisiana is one of the biggest commercial structures located in Bluebonnet Boulevard. With more than 175 retailers, the number of visitors and shoppers per day could be thousands. As identified in PSOS (2011), “ on the day-to-day level, the most common threats come from clients, employees and suppliers. Potential terrorist or criminal acts pose a threat whose impact on human and material loss could be enormous” (par. 2). In this regard, the security system for the shopping mall should encompass the following areas: a preventative intelligence infrastructure; advanced technological means; security procedures; professionally trained personnel; and inspections, supervisions and exercises or simulations [PSO11].
In order to be prepared to address risks of a potential terrorist attack, shopping malls, like the Mall of Louisiana, should implement the following security measures: (1) conduct vulnerability assessments and develop emergency response plans; (2) guarding public access to ventilation systems and employee areas; (3) undertake surveillance techniques inside malls and in parking lots that can make security guards and CCTV cameras more visible to shoppers; (4) large or multiple-floor malls designate a floor captain on each level or wing of a complex where ach designee can serve as a point-of-contact during emergency situations; (5) front-line security officers be informed about any terror alerts; and (6) appropriate security threat training encompassing terrorist attacks must be regularly done and update [Rob11]
As the private security professional, one should respond to a terrorist attack with focus on the safety of the organizations’ resources and with appropriate knowledge of preparedness, You should also include how you would respond to a terrorist attack as the private security professional. Make sure you cite your sources using APA.