Self – assessment assignment memo essay examples

My written and spoken communication experience and skill were just average and considerably little and ineffective. My presentation skill was very limited and I lacked confidence in such encounters, I had no idea how body language was significantly related in general communication, I could not write purposefully or persuasively, and above all I lacked motivation and confidence seriously. Before I enrolling for this course, I was very worried about all the above problems and got determined to develop my written and oral communication skills. Not being able to assert myself properly in everyday occasions was ruining my self-esteem and life felt meaningless. However, scenario after joining the course changed considerably.
This course has enabled me to improve all the above areas and opened new horizons of communication to me. Today, I am fully aware of my own body language in a presentation and also of how it should be to particular audience, along with being more confident in my purposeful speech- content. My clear speech, well-articulated thoughts and assertion, consistent eye contact and gestures make my words and ideas more credible to my audience. I’ve also learned that body language is an important thing to pay attention to all of the time because it is something that everyone subconsciously or consciously takes note of. This course has also taught me that elicitation from the audience to direct their attention to the topic of the presentation before launching to it, is equally important. Today, I conclude my presentations with some relevant and practical recommendations so that my audience can find real life instances later and identify with the presentation even at later points of time.
I have also learned how an effective persuasive cover letter plays an important role in getting a job. I have also learnt how to effectively communicate with superiors in a professional milieu or office. Previously, I didn’t even know how a cover letter played the role of my first impression to a potential employer and how it affected recruitment. I am now aware of how and why one has to be clear, honest, concise, and forward in a cover letter so that a potential employer knows exactly what you are seeking and knows exactly what skills and talents you can bring on board. I have also learnt particularly how to organize the plies of data and information professionally enough in a logical sequence using a common organizational pattern, checking each sentence and paragraph for only one central idea and using transitions effectively to link the complete discourse.
Above all, I think, I’ve grown to trust my communication skills and am confident when I express myself; be it in writing or in speech. My new grown confidence and skill generate belief in others towards me now. Today, my own confidence makes my audience have trust on me. I have also become an active listener by applying what I hear, thinking as I’m listening, making associations/mental images, taking notes, and giving feedback. This listening pays respect to my interlocutor and also helps me learn constantly.
I can feel today how much I have grown over the last months during the course and I intend to continue this journey of self- enhancement and improvement. Today, I have the satisfaction of being a different person altogether with the unique first hand learning, awareness and experiences that this course has provided me with. Above all, I am grateful and happy to have enrolled for this course with such a great Professor as yourself and intend to have more such enlightening courses with you. I convey my heartiest thanks to you for everything.