Should arts and music programs be cut?

No one sees that with age creativity fades away within most youths.

People cannot see that creativity is very important in a child and with creativity the world can change. Art and music is a way of creating. Who knows if you can make a new note out of the flute, who knows if you can draw the most exquisite painting America or some other country has seen. Who knows? By taking arts and music out of public school, thousands of children will never get to be the next Mozart or Picasso. Yes, there still are private schools with arts and music programs but most parents will not pay thousands of dollars for a school so their child can continue with their music. Staying at home and practicing own their own is not enough; they need a guide someone who will continue to instruct them and tell them how to make the paint brush flow.

Many instructors have connections to art contests and music contests, which they can invite their students to enter. But with arts and music programs ending your only hope is a teacher catching you in the hallway trying to give you a flyer about the performing arts contest coming up. Solutions are not being made to stop the closing of the programs. Maybe stop wasting money on buying paint brushes every year instead of asking the students to bringing in their own might help. Asking parents to donate or volunteer some of their time to part-take in the class.

Do any of these music teachers know a friend in the music industry that can help them? Or is the principal not letting anyone try to help. In some situations arts and music keeps kids out of the streets, away from gangs, away from trouble, and away from hanging with the wrong crowd. In other situations arts and music is what a child has to look forward to in the school day. Some parents cannot be there to ensure that their child is still continuing with her arts. Most parents cannot afford buying a set of drums instead of renting one from the school. As arts and music programs fade away, children’s dreams fade away.

And where do the ones who use art as a way to deal with feelings and share their stories through their music go? Where do the ones who find making a beat a way to get away from life go? Jobs are lost, dreams are killed, and spirits crushed. How much more do you need for the sake of money?