Should ecstasy be prohibited

Counterarguments proffered MDMA’s ability to cause long term brain impairments in normal learning and memory functioning, aside from toxic effects to the cardiovascular system leading to dehydration, hyperthermia, and seizures. It is my personal conviction that MDMA should be used to maximize its potentials for psychotherapeutic purposes through controlled and managed professional care. The problems that emerge from excessive and irresponsible use of MDMA were actually rooted in lack of local and state-controlled regulations on “ dangerous therapeutic” drugs. I support Riedlinger & Montagne’s contention that if MDMA were produced and administered in samples of purity through the lowest therapeutic dose and frequency with proper patient screening, then, adverse effects could definitely be avoided.
There have been numerous sensationalized cases of drug-related deaths accountable to regulated drugs that were ultimately easily accessed in greater dosage and frequency all over the world. The root cause of this is the lack of local at state governing bodies that could regulate, monitor, and restrict the dispatching of dangerous drugs. Narcotic pain relievers and drugs such as MDMA have continued to be abused by patients and drug users due to the accessibility of purchasing them in black markets and small unregulated and unmonitored drug stores. The lure of profits, concurrent with the weak regulation of drug agencies to monitor, penalize, and ultimately cause the cessation of operations of these drug stores and sellers, make this issue a continuing public health hazard.
I share exactly the same opinion posted made by a class member who stipulated that not all uses of MDMA should be prohibited due to its psychotherapeutic purpose. However, it is still disturbing that despite the enormous volume of research work and testimonies on MDMA’s therapeutic value, there is still no officially approved medical or psychiatric application since its initial use in the 1970s. In this regard, there still remains the need for further research to validate MDMA’s capabilities for psychotherapy applications for long-term use to negate the counterarguments for physical and psychological risks associated with its use. More importantly, before supporting its public distribution, local and state agencies must be vigilant in its policies for regulating and controlling these kinds of drugs to avoid their adverse effects which lead to addiction and death.