Silent to the bone

The main characters in this book were Branwell, Nikki, Connor, Vivian, Margaret, Morris, Tina and his father, Mr. Zamborska. The plot of this book was Connor trying to prove that Branwell’s innocent because Branwell can’t talk. He was said to have dropped Nikki on her head. The setting takes place mainly at the juvenile behavioral center where Branwell is sent. The theme of the book is about a 13 year old boy named Branwell who can’t talk because of what happened the night that Nikki, his new baby sister, got taken to the hospital. Because he can’t talk, it makes him look guilty. His best friend, Connor, tries to prove his innocence by finding out what happened. The events start in the beginning of the book when Branwell came home from school and saw his baby sister, Nikki, breathing weird. She was sick in her crib and when he felt her forehead it was burning. He screamed for Vivi, the English babysitter and she ran in and told him to call 911. He dialed but couldn’t talk – something happened inside of him. Who would know it would change his life forever. Connor (Branwell’s best friend) wants to prove his friend’s innocence. Branwell couldn’t talk. Deep down he felt guilty because he never let his father know what the au pair was doing in the house – smoking and having her boyfriend Morris over. The main reason he couldn’t was because a couple weeks before, Vivian was taking a bath and asked Branwell to bring her the shampoo and when he did she reached out for it and he saw her naked and he kissed her. From there on out, every day after school he came home and saw Nikki with a wet diaper and would always have to change her. Vivian knew he would never tell on her. By using cards and watching Branwell blink, Connor is able to get the missing information out of Branwell. Connor is helped by his older half sister, Margaret. Connor finds a lot out about Branwell’s life as well as his own along the way. In the end he finds out that Vivian dropped the baby and was trying to blame Branwell so that she wouldn’t get sent back to England. Branwell is finally allowed to go home. Nikki pulls through. At first he stays at Connor’s sister’s house but then he is reunited with his father, his new step mom, Tina, and baby Nikki.