Sisters of the screen film

Sisters of the Screen film The film d, “ Sisters of the Screen” released in 2000 was uniquely outstanding because it served as one voice for all filmmakers, film critics and other African women involved in the film making industry. The film revealed a diverse range of stories that define the experience of the African women in the effort to bring something to the screen. Evidently, the film brought together personal reflections, legal issues as well as gender related challenges that defined the participation of women in film making in Africa. From the diverse range of stories in the film, it becomes easy to understand the challenges that African women face when practicing film making (Dembro). Therefore, the film is a useful tool for viewers who need to gain familiarity with such challenges.
The film revealed both production/ distribution challenges, gender based obstacles as well as other issues that film makers face as they try to strike a balance between the feminine roles and their career. From the details provided in the film, it becomes evident that women are willing to explore the film making limits that African men in the industry have not explored. From the personal stories, the different filmmakers tell the audience becomes more aware of the salient frustrations that women in Africa face when they chose film-making as a career. Notably, the film exposes the entry of African women into film making and the progress they have registered in the past years. However, the film also reveals how the lack of resources has proved to be a challenge in the production and distribution of films in Africa. Moreover, the film served to reveal laws as well as the statutes that serve as barriers for successful film making in Africa (Dembro). Without doubt, the film that brought together the voices of numerous film makers who are women from Africa is an effective tool in revealing the challenges they face in film making.
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