Social networking gone bad

Social Networking English Composition I September 20, 2012 Social Networking Gone Bad Have you even thought about how different society would be without social networking web sites? Many of the social networking web sites today play a huge role with the way we interact with one another in our everyday lives, which include most relationships. Using a social networking web site has many negative effects on relationship. Building insecurity, advertising personal information, and building social media moods are some of the many ways relationship are negatively impacted. First and foremost, many people are building up insecurities in their relationships due to these social networking web sites. The thought of what another person is doing on these web sites or who they are interacting with are affecting the trust bond between relationships which are causing the insecurities. For example, if a couple have had pervious issues with one person going behind another’s and speaking to their ex or person of opposite sex, then the thought of being easily connected with people through these sites can really build up the insecurity in the other persons mind and make them think that their partner is being unfaithful. Since it is so easy for someone to go on their phones and open the internet and begin speaking to people half way around the world. Not only can this destroy a relationship but it can also be unhealthy, causing anxiety and depression. The web being a public place, may not be the best place to be advertising personal information such as phone number, email address, or even photos. Some spouses and significant other may become bothered by the information streamed onto these sites and could possibly anger the person and potentially ruin a relationship. Have a phone number or email address on the sites can cause a person from the opposite sex or even their ex to try and get in contact with them, and that right there can really cause some major issues in someone’s relationship. It could even lead to someone getting harmed physically out of anger, when people out their relationships and personal life on the internet, nothing is secure nor private. Therefore people are allowing others to have access in their relationship, by making it easier for people to express their opinion or do malicious things to sabotage it Not only can this destruct a love relationship but inappropriate information can ruin a relationship with someones job or business. In addition, as part of any social network experience, becoming networked and involved with each other is what keeps these sites going. Unfortunately, “ a downside of social media relationships is that we’re potentially subject to emotional contagion effects, as illustrated in research by John Cacioppo, a researcher at the University of Chicago”(Jain, Dr. R, 2010). In other words people with bad thoughts, ideas, or moods can transmit them to other people without ever having any face to face contact with the person. So basically if you have been following someone on one of these social networks and every time you are logged on, that certain someone is just posting negative comments and ideas, chances are that the very person reading this over and over again will begin to adapt these negative thoughts and ideas and then reflect a negative mood towards other people in their own real life, and the people they love. Which ultimately begin to take a toll on a relationship, because if one person is constantly upset the other is going to look at themselves first and feel like they are not wanted anymore. Even though social networking web sites might seem like the most amazing gift of technology, its adverse impact can ruin your strongest relationship and at the end leave you with countless regrets. Online friends, self-centered attention-seeking, short attention spans, distraction, and loss of privacy are what these social networks web sites engage you in, and not having control of it can have a negative impact on you and on your relationships. So be for you consider signing up for one of these social networks web sites or signing back on to an existing account, ask yourself if you are ready to deal with the negative effects the these sites have to offer. Also keep in mind there may be a possibility of ruining any types of relationships you are currently in or at least have an effect on them. References Goessl. L. (2012). How Facebook Can Harm Your Relationships. In E. Haefele, B. Owca & K. Bradley (Eds.), WriteNow (pp. 233-234.). New York: McGraw-Hill Jain. Dr. R. (June 30, 2010). 4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Relationships. Retrieved from www. socialmediaexaminer. com/4-ways-social-media-is-changing-your-relationships/