Social norms assignment

First moon landing. Anti-war movement. Hippies. Revolution in social norms, clothing, music and drugs. The 1 sass’s were a pretty crazy ten years from the brutal Vietnam war to the popular rock band known as the Beetles. During this time there was a lot of ups and downs but it now goes down as a crucial time period for the United States. When you of the sass’s the first thing that pops into many people’s dead is the Vietnam war where the US suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths.

This war will go down as a very controversial war because some say that the US shouldn’t have gotten involved well others agree that we should have helped our allies. This problem lead to many anti-war movements led by some very spiritual and emotional characters known as “ hippies”. If you think those are a few bad problems that happened at the time, it only got worse as John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the year of 1963.

The killing of our beloved president leaves many people and historians wondering whatnot F. Kennedy could have done for our country if he were to live. That’s most of our problems, but there were some notable accomplishments that will go down in history for our country, one of them being the first landing on the moon. One fun fact is that the sacred flag that stood on that moon was actually a cheap flag bought at a store while many think its made out of a valuable suture.

With people being depressed and what not because of the war, a new exciting band stepped in to cheer up everyone. The Beetles were a hard rock band and beloved by every US civilian at that time, in which they will go down in history as one of the most inspirational bands. After all of those events, the whole US started to revolutionize social norms, politics, clothes, music and drugs all impacted at once, which would end up shaping the next 50 years.