Sony reels from multiple hacker attacks

Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks
The case titled “ Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks” focuses on the attack of several hackers on the network of the PlayStation business of Sony and how these deviant behaviors of the hackers negatively impacted the company (Haag, 2013). The case focuses on the huge amount of monetary loss that was experienced by Sony and the loss of Goodwill. Other than loss of goodwill and monetary losses, the organization even lost several of its important customers and there is a possibility that the company may even face law suits filed against them. The case reports that the organization suffered a loss of 10 customers due to this issue. The hackers were involved in the hacking of Sony PlayStation networks which contained private and personal information of their customers. The use of this information is quite beneficial for the hackers as they can use this information to commit further crime by impersonating as one of the clients of Sony. This act of stealing an individual’s private and personal information and then impersonating them is referred to as the criminal act of identity theft (Easttom, 2011). But there is lack of customers who have reported that their identities have been stolen due to the Sony debacle.
This writing will focus on several questions related to the case. The writing focuses on the issue of losses that Sony has already realized and Sony might be facing in the coming years. These losses are both monetary and non-monetary in nature. These losses include the monetary loss of $171 million that Sony expects to lose as a result of the series of hacking activities that have been carried out against them. These losses even include the loss of market share in the market of online gaming and other online transactions (Conn, 2002). These losses even include the effort and money that Sony will have to invest in order to get back on track. The writing even focuses on Sony Company’s responsibility towards the safeguarding of the information of its prestigious clients and the measures that Sony could have taken in order to protect the customers and the actions it will have to implement in future to save their business from hackers. Sony could have taken various measures in order to protect its customers these measures includes the hiring of White Hat Hackers who are hackers employed for the purpose of securing computer systems from the vulnerability of hacking (Wilhelm, 2013).
The writing further focuses on measures that need to be taken in order to deter professional hackers from indulging in future criminal activities. Various actions can be taken by the criminal justice system in order to deal with the hacker population and one of these solutions is to penalize them severely by sentencing them to jail. The rating focuses on the activities of the public relations wing of Sony and how they could have been instrumental in saving the image of the company. The public relations section of the company should have initiated their practices right away and should have informed the public about the hacking activity that has been conducted against them (Bahadur, 2012).
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