Stakeholders influence

Stakeholders are all those who need to be considered in achieving projectgoalsand whose participation and support are crucial to its success. Stakeholder analysis identifies allprimary and secondarystakeholders who have a vested interest in the issues with which the project or policy is concerned. This information is used to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action. The goal of a stakeholder is to develop a strategic view of the human and institutional landscape, and the relationships between thedifferent stakeholdersand the issues they care about most.

Working with your key stakeholders to flesh out unambiguous and measurable objectives will set your program off on the right track. Stakeholders provide opportunities to further align business practices with societal needs and expectations, helping to drive long-term sustainability and shareholder value. Stakeholder s is intended to help the practitioners fully realize the benefits of stakeholder engagement in their organization, to compete in an increasingly complex and ever-changing businessenvironment, while at the same time bringing about systemic change towards sustainable development.

Far West Elementary school is located in Far West in New Hampshire, which is a large metropolitan area with 2 million residents. Far West has a population of 30, 000. Far West Elementary School has a student population of 700, 30% of the student having relocated from Asian countries within the last two years. Most of the student’s families are moving into the community to take advantage of the low income housing and are comforted by the presence of similar cultures. Many of the new residents have limited English writing, reading, and speaking skills.

The school mission is work together as a team to promoteresponsibility, self esteem, and achievement that will last for a lifetime. The goal of the school is to maintain a safe and caring public school for the children, staff and the community by teaching good character throughout the school. The needs and expectations of the groups in terms of Far West Elementary School is very important because we want to promote responsibility, self esteem, andacademicachievement where differenced are valued and learning is a lifelong goal.

Children- The program of study for English at stage 1 aims to develop children’s independent and confident use of language in all its different forms in order to explore extend and allow reflection upon their experiences. As they develop as language users at stage 2, children learn to adapt their speaking, reading and writing to different situations, purposes and audiences across a range of genres, and learn to engage with more sophisticated layers of meaning. They also learn how language works.

Parents – Parents obviously need the training to be able to help their children to work on learning the English language. It will be good for the parents to participate in the class because they will learn both stages as well. This will help the parents interact with the teachers as well as helping their children at home with homework assignments. Instructors – The instructors play an important part in the whole program. It’s the instructor responsibility is to make sure the children as well as the parents get the proper training.

Being open and willing to learn about their students is a key component of teachers’ learning. But this does not mean simply reading a book on cultural differences or adding a unit on differentfamilytraditions. Although these can be helpful activities, they may do little to inform teachers about the students in their classrooms. They need support of administrators and policymakers, who nowadays sometimes treat teachers as little more than test givers. Teachers also need the support of the general public.

The funding institution that will fit Far West Elementary School program is called Fund for the Improvement ofEducation. This program supports significant program within a school. They administer grants and contracts to improve elementary and secondary education to meet state academic achievement standards. They also offer 3 million for aTeacherto Teacher Initiative that will help teachers of critical need language. If needed they also offer Teach for America, which recruit and train college graduates in communities what really need the help.

Their goal is to improve the quality of education, assist all content standards, and contribute to the achievement of the elementary students. What’s also included in the program is a set curriculum that the instructor will have to go by to teach the students and parents. This will give the instructors the opportunity to be able to work towards certification or licensed for bilingual teaching. Even thought the instructors are getting the training, they will still able to start the program at least one a week until their training is over so they can learn and teach at the same time.

The finding institution will also handle of cost of the training and the program for the students. The program includes the costs books for the instructors, children, and parents. To be able to continue to training for the program they have to report monthly reports for the institution so they can see how the program slowly falling into place. The funding institution will attempt to determine whether the program as implemented does what it is intended to do for the students and it is this determination of a true program that will impact the evaluation from other assessment.

This program will make a big impact on the school because they will be teaching the targeted children including their parents the fundamentals of English language. The children who are in the program will get a chance to participate in other activities within the school and will also help them communicate with other in their neighborhood. This will also help the parents interact with others in the community, help children with their homework, build an relationship with the teachers, and will also help them look for jobs as well. Find for the Improvement of Education will help the school reach a higher level within the state.

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