Steps for argument papers case study example


– Step 1: Public or Private Water Management
– Step Two: -Purpose: I want to bring to the audience’s attention on the benefits and importance of good water management. The audience should clearly know who can be entrusted with the management of the community’s water.
-Audience: this argument targets the US community but is however for the benefit of the whole world. Water is the pillar to which life is anchored and therefore it must be valued and properly managed. With persistence in climate change, this resource is endangered and a major concern.
-Stance: I want my audience to realize and understand that this argument is out to benefit all. Things are changing so fast but our communities seem to take no notice of this. Am therefore going to address this matter with a lot of confidence and audacity it deserves.
-Media: I used books and other sources from the internet to support my reasons with strong evidences.
– Step Three: I have wondering at how some communities carelessly handle this
precious resource. This has made me bring out a very strong argument
on the matter.
– Step Four: – I did some thorough both electronically and physically research and explored details of the issue.
– The three questions came to my mind when I explored the issue are:
– What is water?
– Who is in charge of it in our communities?
– Does it augur well with climate change?
– How could this resource be well handled?
-Ways to argue the issue:

1- Explain to the people how important water is to healthy living.

2- Water is a fundamental right to all human beings and if
handled by the private may ensure quality water and eliminate
-General Sources: Magazine, website, newspaper and books.
1- Macleans. ca, 3 Sept 2009. Web. 26 Nov 2012.
2- Global Issues. 06 Jun. 2010. Web. 26 Nov. 2012.
3- National Post (The Financial Post, Canada), 23, Aug. 2012 Web. 5
Nov. 2012.
Step 5: I explored the issue by establishing its importance and looking at the risk involved. Then I approached it from two different platforms, that is public vs. privatization. I also closely examined the merits and demerits of both private and public water handling. Finally, I gave my stand on the issue and supported it by emphasizing on the benefits involved in privatization of water in our communities.
– Step Six: this issue is worth the discussion I am giving it here. Every mankind greatly depends on water and all his activities revolve around it. Therefore, careful usage and management is a concern that must be addressed thoroughly.
– Step Seven: – Thesis ‘ Water managements should be privatized’
– My position is clear that I want water supply and distribution to be managed by private firms.
– Step Eight: qualified thesis “ By considering the trends in the climate change and importance of water to our communities, water management should be left to the private sector”.
– Step Nine: 1- climate change is endangering the availability and supply of clean and
healthy water to our communities. Proper management must therefore
be put into place to ensure sustainable use of this resource.

2- Water should not be carelessly handled because it is the foundation

unto which our lives are built.

3- Leaving water supply in the hands of the government does not ensure

the safety standards by which this important resource should be
handled. It only leads into wastage and a lot of health risks are
– Step Ten: 1- Facts: private firms offer high quality services and so do water

2- Statistics: 90 per cent of the world’s water is under the control of


3- Examples: I used water private firms in South Africa and Canada

management as my examples.

4- Authorities: I used Canadian and South African governments in my


5- Anecdotes: I did not use it.

6- Scenarios: I did not use it
7- Case studies and observation: I did not use it.
8- Textual evidence: Magazines, books, newspapers and websites. 9- Visual: I did not use it.
– Obviously I used Facts, statistics, examples, authorities, and textual evidences.
– Step Eleven: 1- some scholars argue that privatizing water supply will deny some
members of the society this vital commodity since they are very

2- Some researchers claim that private firms poison water hence

endangering the lives of the users.

3- some writers claim that water supply and management should be left

in the hands of the government so that it can be accessed by
everybody at affordable rates.
Responds: 1-there are many who believe that government can manage and provide water supply well for its people. It is true that government services are relatively cheap. But what is important? Do we spend cheaply and waste the resource. Cheap expenditure is associated with low quality services.
2- The world is dynamic and is changing very fast. With the global warming, water resources are no longer safe. They are endangered and needs more and advanced managerial systems. Underrating this fact will lead to the depletion of water resources.