Stress managment quiz on healthy lifestyle and stress myth websites are in order instructions

Stress Management From the reactions to the quiz, I can judge that I don’t have a significant stress management problem. I exercise a lot that is probably the main contributor towards this great level of stress management. I also take at least 7 hours of sleep daily; I am better able to focus on studies and other tasks that require focus. I do not take much care in my eating habits. I don’t eat junk food all the time but my diet doesn’t satisfy nutritionist’s requirements either. This is an area where I need to improve to manage stress even more effectively. A healthy diet comprising of lots of fruits and vegetable is the key to balanced hormones in the body and less mood swings. Nutritious food gives more energy to body, providing the ability to perform better in daily life activities. And when everyday small goals are achieved, it leaves me happy and satisfied, meaning less stress and anxiety. I also have two really good friends and I share my inner most feelings with them, I can be myself with these people. They help me a lot in stress management. They encourage me when I’m down or take me out when I’m feeling sad or lonely. Without these people, I’d be miserable and I know it because when they are unavailable due to exams and other tasks I do feel lonely and frustrated. I need to improve myself in this regards; I need to build a bigger social circle so that I would always have someone there for me. Despite of all the good stuff that makes my stress-profile look great, there is one weakness; I usually have lots of conflicts with people. I argue a lot and I’m generally not satisfied with anything. Probably that is reason why I have only two close friends. When I try to make new friends, it usually gets messed up and friendship tarnishes. I have tried to resolve this issue by staying quiet at times and complying with other people’s wishes but an urge of resentment eats me up inside that I am not standing up for myself and in the end I lash out at the very people I was previously complying to. I need to work on conflict resolution techniques because it can definitely help me reduce my stress level. As a benefit, it will also bring me many friends which will make me better at managing stress.
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