Student absenteeism essay sample

The causes of absenteeism of students are
1. Lack of Subject Interest

2. Lack of Personal Interest in studies.

3. Available opportunities for entertainment like malls, movie halls etc.

4. The mental capacity of a students does not matches with the the course opted.

5. Too much Pamperness from family.

6. The poor teaching skills of a teacher also keep away student from the school.

7. Lack of confidence

8. Ragging also cause absenteeism

9. Lack of allied activities also causes absenteeism like no sports program, no freshers or farewell parties , no annual day celebration etc.

10. Poor food of canteen may also be consider as one of the reason for absenteeism.

11. Poor infrastructure facility in school such as no place in a library to sit is also one of the reason of absenteeism.

12. Most of the students are doing private coaching s for their entrance examinations such as medical engineering or are preparing for their board exam, s through private tuition causes absenteeism in school & college.

13 Excess of homework and sometimes fear from examination keep away students from school/college.

14 Preparation for the participation in TV shows in dance musical or acting, G. K. contest programs also increase the percentage of absenteeism.

15. Preparation for examination causes absenteeism.

16. If school or college is far off the percentage of absenteeism may increase.

17. Over expectation of parents also deteriorate the attendance of a student when s/he is unable to cope with parent nature of making comparison among their own children of with the friends of their child.

18. Too much socialization causes absenteeism. It mostly happens during teen age and college when the students forms a group to freak out .

19 . When more than desired facilities are provided by parents such as CAR, Mobiles, High Amount of Money as Pocket Money the student start enjoying those facilities and becomes absent.

20. Inferiority complex within student causes absenteeism.