Student council essay

Thingss were easier when I was younger. I felt more confident. like I could accomplish everything that I want. When I was in high school. I wasn’t portion of the ‘ in-crowd’ but I know good plenty that people knew me. I scored good in most of my tests ; I was portion of the Student Council. and the Senior Council. which made me experience of import. During that clip of my life. I had everything planned. I knew what I wanted. I had this thought in my caput of what my life would be when I enter university and what would go on when I finish. Thingss are merely non every bit simple any longer. My friends and I are all in different hamlets. I’m okay with my life. overall.

I know that I’m lucky to hold my household and my friends. Compared to other people. I truly have nil to kick about. But in my head. I want a different life. I want more than what I have. There’s got to be something better out at that place for me. something more that will do me more particular and fulfilled alternatively of experiencing like I’m stuck in oblivion. Trying to be honest with myself is non an easy undertaking. because it meant facing my failures and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to suppress the obstructions in front of me and I will populate my life in the out of boundss. observationas other people live their life and achieve things that I want to accomplish.

I don’t want that to go on to me. I want to look back in my life and be happy of what I have and non repent that I didn’t have the bravery to seek different things. that I didn’t attempt and purpose higher. So. I am taking this chance to larn and confront my frights. or my obstructions one by one. Baby stairss. as they say. If I want to populate my life the manner I want it to be. I have to get down making something. I merely can’t sit and dream of things I want. I need to get down doing things go on. and I need to gain that I may non be able to hold it all. but I can hold more. if I start making more.

Dreaming about the life I want can merely come true if I start to make something about it. I want to read this in 10. 20 and 30 old ages and be proud of what I have accomplished. and non agitate my caput in shame that I ne’er stepped up to do things better for me. If I want to be able to read this paper 30 old ages from now. the first thing I need to make is do certain I become healthy. and remain healthy. I know what to make. but I’ve ne’er gotten about to making anything. I know that I need to exert. and I’ve done it before. I merely ne’er continued on making the right thing.

My end for my wellness so is to get down exerting once more. but this clip. I will go on it. Part of myfailureI think is that I expect excessively much. when I don’t lose one kg in one hebdomad. I get discouraged. I need to understand that non everyone can lose one kg a hebdomad. I need to accept that I may non lose weight as fast as the others. I need to put ends for myself and non compare myself to others. Above everything else. I need to be realistic that if I am traveling to accomplish this. I need to hold the forbearance and the subject to transport things through.

There are many things I can seek to get down this end. I don’t need to pass a batch ofmoneyto lose weight. There are many beginnings. particularly on the cyberspace that can assist me make this. Looking about on line. I think I will make a mixture of things. I can get down running. I’ll start little. like running or ramble oning for 10 proceedingss. so after a hebdomad. possibly I can seek for 15. and after another hebdomad I will seek 20. In between running. I will besides seek and raise weights. Like with my running. I will get down little. Above all. I will seek and non be unrealistic of what I can accomplish.

Eating a healthy diet will now be a portion of my new modus operandi. I will eat more veggies and fruits and less debris nutrient. I will imbibe more H2O and less soft drink. I don’t know if it will of all time be possible for me to wholly cut out soft drinks. but I will seek and cut it down. This maybe a harder end to accomplish. but as my program with everything else. I will get down little and non anticipate miracles. What I will make is eat three types of fruits a twenty-four hours at least. They can all be different. or the same. but I will take to eat fruit every twenty-four hours. I will besides do certain I have more veggies.

It will non be easy. but if I want to be healthy. eating healthy would necessitate to be portion of my program. The lone thing that would do it easier is that I do non hold to give up intoxicant or coffin nails as I do non like them. Because I do non smoke or imbibe. I do non hold to worry about giving up this dependence. particularlysmokingas I heard it is a hard wont to interrupt. The following thing I am reflecting on is my household. I am non as good of a kid as I should be to my parents and to my sister. I need to lend more around the house and non allow them make everything for me.

This should be the most simple of all my ends. truly. I can get down in my sleeping room by doing certain it is ever clean and I put off my books. my apparels and everything else where they belong. I will brush the floor and do certain the furniture in my room is non gathering dust. Outside of my room. I will brush the floor and aid with the wash. My female parent is acquiring old. and I know that it is non that easy for her to make the cookery and the cleansing so I will assist her. This is likely be a good clip to advert that I truly can’t cook that good.

My female parent can look at our icebox. take out a few veggies and she will be able to feed us that tastes as if she followed a formula. To this twenty-four hours. I don’t cognize how she does it. but I will get down larning how. There are many things I can make around the house to do things better for my parents. and they are truly simple. It will take attempt on my portion. but I know I can make them. I’ve done them before. and I merely don’t like making them. I’ve ne’er asked. but I’m reasonably certain my female parent does non like making everything on her ain either. but she does them. and she may call on the carpet us a few times. but she still does them for us.

It’s about clip I do the same for her. I don’t want to be a load to my parents. I want them to see that I can take attention of myself. and that I can take attention of them. Thinking about it. this portion of my end is so easy to accomplish. I can better my life by merely remaining inside the house. Possibly I merely spent excessively much clip dreaming of what could be that I can’t see that the life I want can get down at place. in my really ain room. I don’t have to travel really far to make my ends. It starts at place. if I fail this. so how can I travel frontward? The more I think about it. the more I know I can’t fail.

This is about like a trial to see if I can be to the full independent and be able to take attention of people that will be dependent to me. My household is of import to me. and I want to be able to demo them that. and be able to do them experience that. Helping around the house is such a simple construct. and when I think about it. it comes down to being responsible. and I need to take up some duty inside the house. Speaking of being responsible. another trait I need to develop is to be responsible when it comes to money. There are so many things that I want. but don’t truly necessitate.

I have a new phone that I use now. I have approximately five old phones that still work. but they’re non the latest. so I kept on replacing them. My old phone still works merely all right. but I wanted one with the GPS. with the cyberspace connexion. I wanted a smart phone. Do I necessitate it? No. But I brought it anyhow because everyone I know has one. If I didn’t purchase this new phone. I’d have more money in the bank. Although. I truly don’t have much in the bank as I should hold. Traveling on vacations. purchasing new things and traveling out with friends is merely more gratifying than seting money in the bank.

The latest GFC ( Global Financial Crisis ) nevertheless has gotten me believing. including that Ponzi strategy. I need to do certain I’m smart about my ain money. This will be my hereafter when I am old and non working. I merely can’t trust anyone with what I’ve earned. Reading approximately good educated people losing their nest eggs because they handed it over to person else is a lesson that people need to larn. If it sounds excessively good. it likely is. I don’t want to be 60 or 70 looking at an empty bank history because I handed my money over to person who promised to do me more money.

To get down. I truly should halt disbursement on points that I don’t truly necessitate. This end can bind up with my earlier ends. If I buy fruits and veggies and non debris nutrient. I am bound to salvage more money. If I stay at place and go responsible for the house chores. I will non be outside disbursement money on things I truly don’t demand. There are so many enticements to give up though. When I am surrounded by people with all the latest appliances. from their newest phone to the iPad. I keep believing that I want it excessively. I can afford it. so why non?

Alternatively of giving into enticement. this clip. I will take a measure back and think of the five phones. one iPod. and one camera. All in good status but non being used because I wanted the latest theoretical account. If I want to hold a good quality of life and non trust on authorities manus outs when I am old. I need to get down doing alterations now. Like my wellness. it is an investing for my hereafter. it is something that merely I have control over. and non even my parents and my friends can assist me if I don’t start economy now. My wellness. my household and my nest eggs program are things I have control over. This following end is a spot trickier.

I’m barely the following Donald Trump. and I don’t want to be. I need to get down taking stairss to do certain I’m in a calling that I like. that I can larn from and develop further. There’s traveling to be a batch of bumps in the signifier of rejections headed my manner. but I won’t allow it halt me. There’s merely so much control I have when it comes to my calling. I can use and use and non acquire a occupation. I may non give up. but this route is traveling to be rough. Possibly that’s what I need to make my overall finish of holding a much more fulfilling life. It may be difficult. but I’m really looking frontward to the challenge.

At this minute in my life. I need to acquire my pes in the door. I know that one time I’m in. I’d be able to voyage myself better. do more informed determinations. It’s different one time you are ready to work compared to when you were still a kid thought of what you want to make. The older you get. the more experience you get. you either go determined to prosecute your end. or to prosecute another avenue. I had a friend who was determined to go a attorney and revolved her life into doing certain she becomes one. She now works as a journalist and is wholly happy where she is.

It wasn’t because she failed at jurisprudence. once she was at that place. she realised it’s different from what she envisioned when she was a kid. I wanted to be many things when I was younger that I don’t even retrieve what I truly want. I want to do certain I don’t acquire into a calling that I will detest and pass the following half of my life suffering. Wherever I end up in. I will larn from the people I work with. my higher-ups and develop my accomplishments. Sooner or subsequently. I will do a move. and I need to be certain that I know what I’m making and that I will be ready for any new challenges or any effects of my actions.

This country of my life is such a fuzz at the minute. and I’d instead play it safe than take a hazard. This country of my life has so many factors to see. and the merely other country of my life that is even more of a fuzz. is my love life. which is presently non-existent. There. I said it. I have no love life. Depending on my temper. I don’t attention. There are times when I wish I was with person. and there are times when I am glad that I’m non. I would ne’er of all time admit it out loud. but there’s a portion of me that wants it more and more.

Among my friends. there are merely three of us that are individual. and I know that figure will shortly diminish. I don’t precisely know how love tantrums in the expansive strategy of things when it comes to my life. I mean. I know I can’t unrecorded without the love of my household or my friends. but the love of a spouse. is likely more negotiable. I can’t unrecorded without good wellness. I can’t unrecorded without my household. and I can’t survive without nest eggs and a calling. but a love life? I think I can populate without it. The inquiry so becomes. make I desire to? Like I said. I have my minutes.

Sometimes I want to be with person. sometimes I don’t. I don’t even know why I think this is a capable worth mentioning in my pursuit to hold the life I want to populate if I’m so baffled by it. When I was younger. I don’t even retrieve desiring a hubby with two childs and a white lookout fencing. When I was younger. I wanted a fabulous flat in the metropolis on the upper floors so I can watch the metropolis visible radiations from my balcony. At this really minute nevertheless. believing about this peculiar topic. what do I want from a spouse? I want him to be smart ; I want him to be amusing. loyal and respectful.

I don’t even have a ‘ type’ . I don’t care what nationality he is. or what color his hair or his eyes are. If I have to depict him in a physical sense. so I want him to be tall. I don’t know why. Possibly it’s the girly-girl in me who wants person she can tilt on. I truly don’t know. The whole construct confuses me. After reading through what I wrote. I’m really rather aroused and more optimistic. seting it on paper makes it more existent. more possible to accomplish my ends. I watched the film “ Invictus” . and reminded me of a quotation mark in the film thatI believefits this undertaking.

The line came from a verse form of the same rubric by William Ernest Henley: “ I am the maestro of my destiny ; I am the captain of my psyche. ” I can’t think of anything else that fits this undertaking absolutely. I know that I am the lone 1 who can compose this. I am besides the lone 1 that can do things go on in my life. I have a long route in front of me. and I will be ready to do that journey. When I read this once more in the hereafter. no affair how long that is. I want this paper to be the testament of my beginning. and I can so compose my ain stoping.