Student organization reflection

organization reflection organization is an important body in every learning It links the entire students with the administration by presenting their views and opinions hence facilitating the learning process and the wellbeing of the campus or college community. The organization as well provides different opportunities to the student members in exploring their social, political, recreational, professional, spiritual and cultural interests among others (“ Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce”). Besides, while being a member of the organization a student gets a chance to acquire and develop different skills such as leadership, inter personal as well as organizational. Consequently, while interacting in the student organizations students make lifelong friendships besides bettering their academic performances.
The student organizations hold their meetings like any other formal meeting in their institution meeting room. Those who hold the senior posts in the organization or the executive leaders have their seats on one side while the other organization members seat on the opposite side facing each other. The student overall leader is the chairperson and as well he or she chairs all the meeting besides he or she gives out the agendas and reminds the other members their purpose or reasons of being in the meeting. In this way, the general leader seemed to promote the relational understanding of leadership. The students are able to interact freely but in an official manner whereby they do not interrupt their fellows or the meeting progression. The leader presented his ideas in a systematic way such that all the present members understood and were able to participate in the meeting by asking questions besides presenting their views and opinions.
Throughout the meeting process, I learned that all the members were addressing their comments directly to the chairperson. This plainly indicated that the chairperson is the one who is responsible in ensuring smooth progression of the meeting. In that he kept order, facilitated the meeting, he declared the outcomes of the motion, he gave equal opportunities to all the members to contribute, he ensured the discussions reached consensus as well as conducting other tasks. Besides he or she should be at ease with the agenda as well as the other fundamental topics to be discussed in the meeting.
As well the chairperson is entitled to summarize the meeting if the need be. For instance, in circumstances such as when the members have lost the focus of the agenda, when marking the strong points, when making clarity on any misunderstandings besides when concluding a point and leading to the subsequent one. It is through these reviews that make the meeting agenda to end in a consensus. There is no alternative in coming up with a positive conclusion when discussing on a certain agenda other than monitoring closely as well as taking note of the main points in the entire discussion.
However, the student organization should learn to persevere whenever things seem not to be working according to their plans. This is because they may encounter some inconveniences when dealing with the administration in which it may need some time to fulfill some of the organization request besides which they should bear with. Persistence is a success factor that should be present in a person or organization that is aspiring to succeed. This is because every field has its own challenges that distinguish the successful people or organizations from the failures. In concluding the meeting, it is the responsibility of the chairperson to give out the results or the achievements of the meeting besides acknowledging them for taking part.
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