Studies at york in the mscn program as a new chapter in my nursing career

My path to a career in nursing was not as direct or whole-hearted as it is for some other nurses I know. I had many doubts and questions about nursing in the beginning. It was not something that I felt called to do from an early age, but I would like to think of nursing as something that I grew to love. Being a recent immigrant to Canada, during my graduation year in high school I was uncertain of what I wanted to do following graduation. What I knew for certain was that I wanted a career where I could be respected for making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. When it came to nursing in Canada, one thing I knew for certain was that nursing in here is much different from what it is back home. By the first year of the nursing program I was still unsure of whether or not to continue on with the program. As time went on I learned more about what nursing in Canada is like and how much it differs from the nursing that I knew back home. I was intrigued by the level of knowledge and skills that was required to become a nurse in Canada. Slowly I began to see what a significant and respectable profession nursing is in Canada. As I learned more and more about various nursing roles and the impact that nurses have on everyday lives of people, I began to realize that I had made the right choice by enrolling in a nursing program.
Just as any training and education program, there were some subjects in nursing that I was more interested in than others. I also felt that I was better suited for some tasks than I was for other tasks. As I have mentioned, I had doubts about staying in nursing during my first two years. What kept me going was the desire to do something respectable and worthwhile. During my third year in the nursing program, I had the opportunity to participate in a hand hygiene simulation experiment. This required a lot of research and data collection that I found both fascinating and exciting. Some of my classmates did not feel the same way, but I found that I really enjoyed the experimentation and research associated with this activity. Also during my third year, I had the opportunity to do some teaching. I found this a thoroughly enjoyable activity as well. These two activities caused me to consider going to graduate school after I completed my bachelors work in nursing.
I am interested in York’s MScN program because I have heard many positive things about the academic rigor of the program from other nurses. I know that obtaining a graduate degree from York’s MScN holds a high level of respect in the nursing community. As my love of research and teaching grew during my third year, I realized that upon graduation I wanted to get a graduate degree in nursing so I can continue to pursue this part of nursing at a higher level. I want to learn the academic principles that undergird good nursing so that I can be a better leader of research and a better instructor. I have had incredible teachers along the way and feel a great sense of accomplishment when I have opportunity to research a topic and then use that knowledge to inform others.
Having a graduate degree from York’s MScN program will open doors for me that are closed with just and undergraduate degree. I feel that I bring a true enthusiasm for academic research and a talent for clear communication in academic settings. I have been a conscientious student in my undergraduate studies, so I am coming into the program with a solid foundation relative to best nursing practices. My experience has been limited to those offered to me during my undergraduate program, but I feel that gaining additional experience in graduate school as a part of the MScN program at York is the best way for me to improve upon my research and teaching skills.
I view beginning my studies at York in the MScN program as a new chapter in my nursing career. I anticipate a more rigorous academic environment and more challenging experiences. I view this degree as a key that will unlock opportunities for further research and teaching experiences. By using these strengths, I know that I can continue to reach the goals I have set for myself in the field of nursing. I can continue to participate in a very respectable career while making a positive difference in the lives of other people.