Subject name: e-marketing

SUBJECT NAME: E-Marketing SUBJECT CODE: BM203 LECTURER/TUTOR: MS. Linggeswary ASSIGNMENT TITLE: E-Marketing plan for Blended E-Learning in Higher Education; Research on UCSI Students’ Perspective Faculty chosen for research; FACULTY OF MUSIC, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND DESIGN DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15th March 2012 Name | Student ID | Huang Jo | 1000923846 | Bahador Tabarzadi | 1000818382 | Ng Say Yew | 1000923236 | Loo Sing Yee | 1000922726 | Table of Content: Subject | Pages no | 1. Situation Analysis | | | | 2. E-marketing Strategic Planning | | | | 3. Objective | | | | 4. E-marketing Strategies | | | | 5. Implementation Plan | | | | 6. Budget | | | | 7. Evaluation Plan | | | | 8. References | | 1. Situation Analysis Ucsi’s music faculty is one of the largest and liveliest music departments in the country, and an internationally renowned center of musical teaching and research. Through its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the Faculty of Music offers a highly stimulating environment for anyone interested in a practical, scholarly and creative engagement with music – musicologists, performers and composers.   The exceptionally rich musical life of the University and its Colleges – including world-famous choirs, University orchestras and chamber groups, jazz ensembles, and contemporary music groups — is complemented by the wide range of musical activities to be found in and around the city,  drawing on numerous musical traditions. Ucsi’s undergraduate and graduate curricula are strong in musical skills, but are also wide-ranging and imaginative, reflecting contemporary developments in music and alongside these formal programmes as the students organize and participate in a stimulating variety of concerts, master classes, workshops, public lectures, and conferences. The faculty resources are high specifications in electronic music studio,  and specialized resources for the study of performance. The Faculty’s research and teaching strengths cover a broad spectrum, including European music of many periods, ethnomusicology, composition, opera, and the psychology of music, performance, and performance practice. Swot analysis of the music faculty: Strengths; (usually internal) * Highly excellent, extensive and varied programming in the music areas exceeding that of much larger than other university in the country. * Development and maximization of student talent in all disciplines. * Varied scholarship opportunities in all the areas of art, music, and theatre. * Music through Performance outreach program for private music teachers and their students. * Music outreach through Senior Day and special daytime performances for area students of varying ages. Weaknesses; (usually internal) * Half-time music position unfunded and unfilled. * No full or half-time music technical director/instructor. * On-loan piano program ending this summer. Several pianos will have to be purchased this year or returned to vendor. * Small budget for maintaining high quality programs. Opportunity; (usually external) * Department has an excellent music lab the potential of which could be expanded if personnel could be secured to offer a “ computer music”. * Public and private schools within the district tend to send their student to our university to continue their knowledge. * Department maintains good rapport with public and private school teachers and administrations for future involvement. Threats; (usually external) * Public school art, music, theatre programs are not comprehensive if they exist at all throughout the district. * Lack of funding for major growth in programming. Department would like to expand and set 3 — 5 — 10 year goals with increased facility space, programming, and personnel funding. Department would recommend that 3-5-10 goals become part of every department’s plan for consideration of total campus planning. * College Vehicle safety for staff and student transportation. Scheduled and regular vehicle maintenance and tire replacement needed. 2. E-marketing Strategic Planning E-marketing strategic planning is the market and product strategies that can be called as Tier 1 task or strategies which it involves with segmentation, targeting, differentiation and also positioning. Segmentation Segmentation can be defined in term of demographic, geographical location, age, income level, gender, nationality. By conducting segmentation, it allowed the marketers to know what type of customers and who are the prospect that the marketers are going to deal with. We have segment these 30 students from Faculty of Music by their gender and nationality. According to the survey that we already done, more than half of the participants from Faculty of Music are female where the male participant has only 40%. This result shows that more female students are moving towards Music programme. Targeting Targeting involve in selecting the group of customers characteristic which can match with the company capabilities in order to serve the group of customers better. In this e-marketing plan, we are going to target on students that interest with Music course in Malaysia and also foreign country. Pie chart above shows that Malaysian enrolled to Faculty of Music programme more than foreign students because currently Music programme this course isn’t that popular among of the foreigners. Differentiation Differentiation is emphasizing on the products’ uniqueness where the product have distinctive attributes which can increase the customers’ preference or demand. Music course offered from UCSI is providing students with internship which is an added value to students. By having internship during student’s degree, students are more prepared and familiar with the reality working environment. Besides that, UCSI have also provided path-way degree for students who want to study overseas. Students are able to choose their focus major which is under Music course such as: * B. Mus. (Hons.) Classical Music * B. Mus. (Hons.) Contemporary Music Positioning Positioning is how the company wants the customers’ to perceive and recognizes the company’s products or services. The number of students enrolling in Music course is increasing because of UCSI provided the best facilities and high standard’s lecturer for music department among all university in Malaysia. Besides that, all subjects offered by the faculty are recognized by the government MOA. Chart above shows that the student of faculty music who like to have E-learning. Most of them feel that E-learning enable them to learn at a place and time of their choosing. There are still a few number of students that having difficulty on E-learning that’s the reason why they pick disagree on the survey we given. Some of them say that they are not good in computing and feel troublesome have keep facing the computers. The second statement is about student who afraid that they are having difficulties on accessing the E-learning. E-learning considers as a new strategy for Malaysia since there is not much University implement about this strategy yet. From the above, most of the Music students are worried that they will face difficulties to get into E-learning process. For example, LMS that provided by UCSI is quite complicated to be access in certain section. For the early stages, students are having problem to get access and download the notes. The third statement is about E-learning facilitates group work. Student of faculty music are quite satisfied with this statement. The reason are because they feel that get connected to internet are easier for them to get information and can have discussion through the internet. This statement has a most balanced result that given by the students of faculty music. Most of them felt that E-learning may enhance the knowledge and understanding that gained from lectures, tutorials, and practical and yet there are a number of 7 that disagree with it. They feel that E-learning process is complicated. Statement 5 shows that E-learning allows student to provide feedback to lecturers and tutors. The results collected from survey shows that overall students of faculty music are agreed with this. For example, they can direct post in LMS’s forum and lecturer could comment on the post so the other students can read and discuss together. Statement 6 shows that number students of faculty music are agreed with E-learning may provide useful links to other web-based learning resources. The link that given might helps them for their coursework or studies. There are 10 of them which are disagreed with it. They feel that go library to search on references book are much better. Statement 7 shows that E-learning provides a useful link to web-based mail for group wise. Based on the results, it seems like student of faculty music are disagreed with it. It hits 12 disagree and 2 strong disagree based on the result given. Yet, there are students who agree with this. Statement 8 shows that student of faculty music had felt that assessment and tests that posted online may useful way of checking that they are understand with course material. It will be a sample of exam question that help student meets their understanding level. Student of faculty music are quite satisfied with this. Statement 9 is a view of students can get the resources such as Power point slides and notes that connected with lecturers. E-learning such as LMS had provided online view notes and slides. Students with Smartphone can directly view notes through the LMS. Overall, students of faculty music are agreed with this. Statement 10 shows that E-learning concept is a useful one-stop resource that includes information for studies such as handbooks, past papers, reading lists, information about teaching staff. The result showing that most of the students from faculty music agree with this and yet there are less students who felt that E-learning concept couldn’t meet their requirement regarding on the past papers, reading list and etc. Statement 11 is about whether they need any support in order to get use of E-learning technology. There are number of students agreed that they need support because they are confuse and having difficulties learning the E-learning process. By giving support, the problems that occurred could be eliminated and easier for students to learn the process. Statement 12 shows that students of faculty music agreed that ICT could improve the quality of education. By having ICT, students are much easier to get the information they needed for assignment or for their knowledge usage. For example, UCSI had provided us an Emerald account in E-library for us to get journal that we needed for research. Statement 13 shows that students of faculty music having difficulties and confused how to use Internet for their tertiary education. The reason is because these students feel new & strange to the E-learning process. What do they need is someone that can guide them in order to get use of it. Statement 14 shows that almost 27 out of 30 students are agree educational technologies such as new system launch recently LMS (Learning Management System), Microsoft Office presentation, journal searching and etc have provide richer educational experiences for students. For example, Wi-Fi access in UCSI let students easier to download their notes and search for more information thru internet. Statement 16 shows that number of the students has agreed educational material published in the Web (LMS) by lecturers / tutors has improved compared with previous time using E-advantage. However, there’s still have few students disagree due to LMS is much more complicated, confusing, and time consuming to get information or lecture notes they need. Statement 16 shows that technologies are so advanced nowadays, most of the students are using Smartphone or I-Pad for presentation, searching information, entertainment, gaming and etc. If institution can achieved a good educational technologies such as good Wi-Fi coverage, discussion forum, exam questions tutorial and etc for students, surely it lead to more students agreed with E-Learning, and also recognized by government. UCSI University has launch LMS recently to replace E-Advantage and UCSI University Official web site, make all feature together become all in one. Even LMS got some complicated and inconvenient, however, there’s still 26 students agreed LMS as one of education technologies have help make the course more interesting activities for students. As a UCSI student, we can get professional advices from other experienced students or professional body employees which may not a local resident. Besides, some of the students feel more comfortable, convenient and ease to do reply when not having face to face discussion. Violence conflict can be prevent, and they not need to make appointment when should come to for discussion, everything can do it through online. Thus, online discussion as one of educational technologies has improves student’s participation in educational process. We can’t denied all students are holding tablet or tab next five years due to technologies are so advanced, improve rapidly and also gradually replacing printed books, for example, like e-book. Additionally, it is convenient we can search any information or journals help us more understanding in that subject and also improve our data research. The role of Universities will alter significantly in the next five years. Due to competitive level and Universities objectives (to grow in competitive world) it should transform the concept of providing education towards e-learning The teaching role of faculty will alter significantly in the next five years. Due to emergence of e-learning and student demand it clearly shows that, academic staffs should adapt to e-learning such as changes: – online tutoring, lecturing The use of ICT improves the quality of communication between faculty and students. Online: – immediate response, direct communication with the lecturer/ facilitator Market opportunity Analysis *def and overview** Demand Analysis ******’ Segment analysis ^&*()_ Supply Analysis &*() 3. Objective The objectives which set by the faculty will emphasize on the key performance area such as Excellence in education is to achieve optimum enrolment by developing a recruitment plan to attract a body of diverse high achieving and well-qualified mass communication students. Excellence in research, scholarly and creative activities are to encourage and support research, scholarly and creative activities among mass communication students and staff which strengthens academic experience and expands appreciation of the liberal arts. Excellence in customer service for creates a campus environment which supports a wide range of interests and provides opportunities for leadership development and personal growth. *********************************** 4. E-marketing Strategy Product There must be a clearly statement about the product specifications that you are purchasing. The buyers such as student can get the knowledge about the product feature and benefit in a short time and the facts. For example, student can check the course programmes offered by UCSI University thru on9. Price Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix. There are few factors that will affect the pricing such as the perceived value of your offerings, the margin of profit, the volume of sales and the price point. The internet gives consumers the power to shop at a click of a button and it’s convenient and save time also. For example, Student can view the cost of subject fees and pay it on E-payment system. Place One of the biggest changes to the marketing mix is online purchasing. Students can straightaway purchase textbook from manufacturer or retailers. The main challenges face by the online retailers is that they have to ensure the product must delivery to customer on time. Location is important for advertising purpose. Marketer can place the product link in certain such as social networking website like Facebook. It can help the retailers building image, awareness, loyalty and benefit recall. Promotion Promoting products and service online is concerned with a lot of issues. Having a recognizable domain name is first stage towards E-promotion. Organizations such as FCbarcelona. com have successfully positioned the brand on the online world. Placing banner advertising on other website is a common form of how the way marketing promotes their product through online. Another way is E-poster such as those marketers will send poster to theirs customer’s mail address based on the recorded databases. 5. Implementation Plan Promotion and pricing will start from November 2011 till January 2012 through mass media advertising, education fairs, printings, banners, and etc. This will provide enough time for new students to enquire and decide before registering. The promotion will emphasize on the strength and advantages for learning through E-learning method compared to conventional classroom. Price list will be attached along with the promotion to help new students in their decisions and registration is open by November 2011 for the 2012 Jan-April Semester. Product will be the lecture notes, assignment details, lecture video, tutorial question and exams. These will be prepared from December 2011 and updated throughout the whole semester. Students are able to start obtaining the products from the UCSI E-learning portal as the semester starts and continue to do so till the final examinations. Students are able interact will the lecturer by leaving comments on the portal while viewing the lecture video. The evaluation will be open throughout the whole semester period for complains, suggestion and comments about the E-learning system. This is vital for quick improvements while the students are studying through E-learning system rather than improving after the semester ends. Students and lecturers will be required to evaluate the system at the end of the semester for further improvements and changes. Infrastructures are the installation, updating, maintenances of the E-learning system. Installation will begin from November 2011 till end of December 2011 as the products will be open to new students by the end December 2011 for notes, notices and announcements to prepare for the semesters. Updates and maintenances will be continuous throughout the semester as the system is the vital part for the E-learning method. Any breakdown shall be resolves quickly and updates will be prompt. The lecturers will be given training during the installation period to familiarize with the system. 6. Budget Description | Quantity | Unit Price | Sub Total | Total | Hardware | | | | | Sever – IBM System x3400 M3 | 1 | | RM10, 908 | | Backup Sever | 1 | | RM1, 500 | | Motherboard | 1 | RM1, 000 | RM1, 000 | | Others Hardware | | | RM30, 000 | | | | | | RM43, 408 | | | | | | Software | | | | | Database | 1 | | RM34, 000 | | Security base (Cisco Content Engine 565 Proxy server) | 1 | | RM1, 500 | | Others Software | 1 | | RM49, 000 | | | | | | RM84, 500 | | | | | | Salaries | | | | | It Engineer | 4 | RM4, 000 | RM16, 000 | | Webpage developer | 2 | RM2, 500 | RM5, 000 | | Other Staff | 12 | RM1, 800 | RM21, 600 | | | | | | RM42, 600 | | | | | | Others | | | | | Trainee | 1 | | RM15, 000 | | Network | 1 | | RM20, 000 | | Licensing Fee | 1 | | RM137, 143 | | | | | | RM172, 143 | TOTAL | RM342, 651 | 7. Evaluation Plan No Students registration Number of registration will be the end result of the implementation and adaption of the E-learning method for higher education. A successful implementation and adaption will shows the increasing number of registration as new students chose to pursue high education through E-learning method which will be offered by UCSI. Frequent Web advertisement Awareness on the E-learning offered will rely heavily on the promotion factor. With higher advertisement frequency, new prospects would aware about the E-learning method. This is important for growth in student registration in UCSI. Traffic Volume By monitoring the traffic volume of people viewing on the promotions and enquires will reveal the efficiency of the promotions methods and implementation. Student feedback and academic results By collecting and processing the feedbacks and academic results will shows the areas need to be improve and how effective of learning through E-learning. Continuous amendments will be made to further improve the feedback and results. Return of Investment With a good implementation and growth of registration, the whole higher education invested funds would give a solid return for the invested sums. By maintaining and improving a good ROI throughout the implementation, more investors will be satisfied and encourage to continue investing in E-learning method. Thus, more improvements could be made with the increased funding. 8. References