Success factors of a salesperson

Success Factors of a Salesperson By 26 June 26 June Success Factors of a Salesperson Book: Selling 101: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know, Chapter 6 The field of sales management is all about trust, rapport, networking and presentation. A salesperson is the product for any firm that acts as an intermediary in promoting the tangible products of the company to the market. The excellence and professionalism of a sales representative adds value to the firm in terms of profits and customer loyalty. A good salesperson knows what to say and when to say it. He knows how to formulate his questions and how to present his company’s product and service in a professional and sincere manner. A true professional salesperson is ethical, emotional and logical towards describing its product and motivating the prospect customer to express his needs and demands. According to Ziglar: “ As professionals, we need to motivate the prospects to share their needs, wants, problems and interests with us, so we can motivate them to use our services to solve their problems” (Ziglar 46) The reading of Ziglar’s book has helped me grasp important concepts about formulating questions and doing proper sales presentations. It demonstrates the way sales questions should be formulated and the nature of the presentation which would bring the emotions and logic to play together and achieve positive results for the company. All this knowledge will help me formulate better and more effective presentations and become a better sales representative. Book: The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, Chapter 6 – Engage the Prospect Studying the top habits of top salespersons from Schiffman’s book ‘ The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Salespersons’ has giving me insight as to what is required and expected from me in order to excel in the field of personal selling. The book sheds light on the top salespersons habits in a very interesting manner. The habits that appealed to me include ‘ engage the prospect’ at first. It is very important to build a connection with your customer before moving on to your product or service. The connection should be clear and positive putting you in a strong position and not undermining the position of your prospect customer. It is said that alls well that ends well but in case of personal selling the start has to be good in order for the deal to end well. Is the start is confusing it would led to wastage of time for both parties and will not lead to any deal being done. This habit will help me start my sales conversations in a more focused and planned manner rather than using verbatim. Book: The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, Chapter 7 – Find Key Requirement Find key requirement is another excellent habit a sales representative should work at. The focus should not only be new ideas and new markets but on a new approach to entering established markets. The work towards locating the potential customers from the market lot and then target their attention to the selected group or groups. According to Schiffman: “ Most successful salespeople I know develop a sense of who the likely customer is – and then put themselves in front of as many of those people as possible.” (Stiffman) Understanding this habit gave me the awareness that I need to focus on all aspects of the product, from economy to customer and should work towards finding opportunities in the present market rather than always looking for those pioneer opportunities. Book: The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, Chapter 8 – The Sales Timetable The sales timetable is an important factor in the success of personal selling. The salesperson has to be proactive rather than reactive. Things need to be done way before the actual product is up for sales. If the timetable is not designed keeping time slots for all products related activities it would result in a backlog in distribution and selling. I have learned that in order to gain success as a salesperson I need to know and develop the company’s and my own timetable regarding the product and its sales. Book: The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, Chapter 11 – Pretend to be a Consultant (Because you are) Lastly, pretending to be a consultant actually pays. I have learned that is I have to ace the field of personal selling I have to act as a consultant to my customer rather than Mr. Know it All. As the biggest fear in personal selling is the fear in the minds of the customer. A good salesperson should work towards removing the fears and doubts from the customer’s mind and act towards solving his problems by being a consultant. In this way salesperson can reach the mind of the customer and mould it into a positive deal for his product. All these habits will help me become a successful salesperson and have a better chance of making a good career in this field of personal selling. Reference Cited Ziglar, Zig. Selling 101: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know. NY: Thomas Nelson Inc., 2003. 46. Print. Stiffman, Stephen. The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople. 3rd. Avon: Adams Media, 2008. Print.