Summarization of article application 1wk3

ICT Here Walden ICT The present age is the age of science and technology. We live in an age where ICT has a vital and important role in educational process. If handloom has given the place to power loom then there is no point to avoid ICT. Keeping in mind the day to day activities and pressure of social net work , ICT is providing helping hand to everyone especially government, semi government , private and also educational institutions. The power of innovation and technological revolutions encompass the past defined criteria of successful absorption and accumulation of knowledge and efficient learning; yet some things often prove to be a hurdle in the process of education.
“ By teaching ICT skills in primary schools the pupils are prepared to face the future developments based on proper understanding” (Grimus, 2000)
That’s why the educational institutions are giving more importance and special emphasis to conduct special classes of ICT during educational sessions in school. It has also been following in across the world by deploying experts of ICT for educational institutions. The World Wide Web has knitted the world together so close that all information is just a click away, it opens the window to explore new paradigms.
More hectic routines have made its use more potent and made life easier to each and every student who are and will be a future for whole world. Last but not least thanks to “ Information and communication technology” to become a part of student life in the initial stages of school life.
Grimus, M. (2000). ICT and Multimedia in Primary Schools. Paper presented on the sixth conference of educational uses of information and communication technologies. Beijing, China.