Supervisors at work

Management Essay Supervisors are seniors at work, who are responsible for overseeing duties of those working under them while making sure they remain in compliance with the instructions of their seniors. I believe a supervisor plays a key role in the development of one’s skills, career and growth. It is not only the responsibility of a supervisor to make sure he delegates proper work to those working under him, but also ensure that they are not being over or under worked. Moreover, supervisors also need to ensure the reason behind performance of his delegates and if someone is not performing up to the mark, he needs to sit them down and counsel, and help them in whatever way he can. Besides this, a supervisor should ensure that his team does not get demotivated, and if it does he needs to find out a solution to ensure that the problem is resolved at the earliest. This can be done by linking rewards with performance, and paving a clear promotional structure so workers who work hard know that it will lead them to the next level in the corporate ladder. All these features are portrayed by my supervisor at work and that I have noticed almost all employees working under him are highly satisfied with him.
As far winning the rapport, trust, respect and royalty of their seniors is concerned, I have noticed my supervisor does that by keeping two things in check. The first one is ensuring that whatever work is delegated to him, he gets it done efficiently and well on time. The second one is giving an honest opinion to his seniors, despite the fact that they might like it or not. Honest views are highly valued by top management and I have noticed they like people who have the guts to stand by their views and convince others about them.