Teacher professionalism essay

Teacher ProfessionalismTeachers mold and build the foundations of the minds of many young children and adolescents. Essentially, they influence and hold in their hands the future generation. Thus, it is imperative that teachers maintain their professionalism and become students’ role models. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a professional as one who conforms to the ethical and technical standards of one’s profession. While a technical handbook on teaching may exist, no single rule book can explain or direct actions for every situation that teachers face daily.

For teachers, the best show of their professionalism is seen in their relationships with their fellow educator, students, and students’ parents. Phelps writes that teacher professionalism is fundamentally a series of commitment. A teacher commits him- or herself in the work he or she does and the people he or she works with. A teacher’s accountability lies foremost in his or her students and how he or she has contributed to their learning and development. A professional educator plans and prepares all that one needs to impart knowledge to his or her students. His or her teaching methods must be of high, enduring quality. Further, Phelps believes that by committing to the learning of students, teachers embrace all the challenges and hardships of teaching. Kramer adds that committed teachers do not view their jobs as merely jobs but as calling to care for and make personal connections with students.

Children’s parents, whom the teacher does not directly encounter, base their opinion of teachers on how well they teach and personally influence their children. Teachers show their professionalism to fellow teachers by their ability to support and work with other teachers. Kramer notes that professionalism can be seen in how teachers cooperate and not compete with one another. Teachers all over, not just those who work in the same school, are part of one big network of family and share a goal of helping children to become good, educated people. Teachers also show professionalism when they constantly aim to improve themselves and their teaching methods for the benefit of their students. Whether by practicing a new technique of teaching biology or studying for higher education, teachers become models for their colleagues and students with their continual development and commitment to growth and self-improvement.

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