Team goal and team member characteristics

Team goal and team member characteristics Team goal The British Triathlon men strive to be the best triathlon team in the world. As a team, they are aware that lack of shared commitment dilutes the effectives of a team since people no longer focus on team goals but individual aspirations. Therefore, they work together to attain their team goal via investing in purposes that is attainable to all of them (Katzenbach and Smith 165).
Team member characteristics of Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee brothers, as well their coach Malcolm Brown includes individualism and teamwork. The team has a characteristic of individualism, which is based on the psychological and ethical concept of the team members. From a psychological and moral perspective, individualism is the concept that people should think, act and judge things autonomously following their conscience. As members of the British Triathlon team, they have an obligation to fulfill. This obligation needs team members to offer high level of individual independence and accountability and providing them with a chance to follow their initiative and desire.
Individualism comes with personal responsibility. The three members of the British Triathlon team have demonstrated the art of being responsible. Personal responsibility shows ones wisdom and maturity. Having the right attitude helps in avoiding the creation of unnecessary problems in life. There are situations when difficulties happen out of one’s control. Sometimes, this is usually unavoidable but with personal responsibility, one is likely to optimistically pounce back and respond (Pritchett 33).
Teamwork is evident in the British Triathlon team in that members interact freely and share their experiences about the game. They have established a productive environment, which allows team members development of interpersonal skills that fosters partnership and collaboration rather than rivalry and competition.
Diversity in the British Triathlon comes into play when people from different backgrounds in terms of culture and skills are in the same working environment. Diversity will encompass gender, race, ethnicity, age, personality, and educational background. The British Triathlon team took advantage of diversity by incorporating their coach Malcolm Brown. This has enabled them to achieve cohesive in the workplace and achieve set goals. Alistair and Jonathan embraced diversity in the sense that since Malcolm Brown was introduced as a coach; they have cooperated and worked as a team in order to meet their goals. To ensure Smooth Corporation of team members, they have implemented a system that embraces adaptability, and flexibility to accommodate change (Pritchett 36).
Learning and motivation programs help build stronger Triathlon team by bringing all team members together people in support of the sport. Learning prepares the players mentally for the sport and eliminates any obstacles on the way. Learning is essential since it enables the players identify the roles, which they will need to play in the sport. Alistair is more creative than Jonathan is. This is evident in the manner in which he manages to make adjustments while in the game. The team members have great interpersonal skills such as communication, which enables to work together since they are in a position to communicate what they have at any given time.
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