Technology and diversity essay sample


Technology is used by various people for different purposes, different frequencies and ways. Technology innovation has changed the way people think and carry out their work. This is because technology has improved the physical practices of man and made things easier and fast. Technology has been used to connect families and communities due to its intelligence and driven creativity by the people. Due to technology, individuals have been able to find solutions to problems and create a better future by changing our world. In this essay, we will look at the future effects that technology has on women.

Technology Effects on Women

Technology has highly increased and spread in the twenty first century in all life aspects. Technology has offered the opportunity for the world to find many solutions for many problems in the globe. The challenges in the globe affect the welfare of human beings and therefore the leaders who attended the Millennium Summit urges use of more knowledge to avoid these challenges. However, it is evident that women are not fully utilized in the world of technology. The knowledge contribution of women in the use of technology in the future is very essential in order to meet the challenges in the globe. The Millennium calls for gender equality so as to also empower women who feel they are left out in the field of inventing technology. However, there has been a tremendous growth in the involvement of women in science and technology and this is likely to increase in the future. Many women seem to start revolving their future careers on technology and this will help them achieve their goals and create a strong presence in technology which has been lacking.

In most cases women are divided in the middle of two spheres which are the family and home management and the job responsibility fulfillment. Technology has made the women careers easier since some of them can work from home and therefore balance the two tasks effectively. Most women worry that their work affects their family duties and relationships and technology will make their work easier. This will create more time for the women to spend and create better relationships in the future and the level of conflicts in the family might reduce. Working from home is effective for women and it will save time and cost. Information technology crosses the geographical and cultural barriers and also gives women power bringing them to the society’s forefront.

The integration and introduction of technology has essentially influenced the women’s way of life. With the new innovations emerging every day, women have been able to become more flexible in their communication. Most women from various countries have kept their deep and haunted feelings to themselves without sharing them with anyone. Use of technology devices has influenced women to become more friendly and go ahead to expose the kind of lives they live. The communication rate is expected to increase in the future and this will improve the interaction of women worldwide thus creating and developing greater relations among various races and cultures. This will make the world a convenient and comfortable place to live for women.

Most women love comfort and easy life and this is being offered by technology. The world is expected to experience astonishing changes in the future most especially in the homes and outside environments. This will reduce the burden for women by provision of typical homes where all the personalized need of individuals occupying the houses will be catered for. This is intended to provide proper comfort to the individuals by certain things such as the light and the owner’s body temperature. Women will experience more comfort and raise their families in a comfortable environment with no physical strains or stress.

So many women lack the opportunities of conceiving a baby naturally. Traditionally this was regarded as a taboo or a curse to many women and they therefore felt out of place thus avoiding other community members. Thank God for technology for discovering the new reproductive technology which helps women to have children of their own through artificial insemination, super ovulation and in vitro fertilization. This will also help the women in future since they can have children at old age and there will be no more issues of lacking children although the procedures are expensive. However, despite the fact that this is a positive procedure, it is evident that in the future more women will refuse to have babies naturally and go for the technology methods in order to avoid physical body changes. This is a negative technological impact to the women and most of the people do not find it ethical. People argue that technology is making women become transparent that marginalizing their roles in conception and birth.

Technology tends to take away jobs for many women in future. New inventions are being discovered everyday and this also creates fear. The reason to this is because technology tends to reduce the physical jobs and this leads to unemployment for many individuals. The affected areas are mostly in communication and micro processing which are normally handled by women. These areas are normally dominated by women and so far work involving information processing is already being altered. This has raised a concern regarding the future employment of women in the society. Many women work in the industries especially in Middle East and Asia. Denying them their jobs will lead most of them to poverty levels and thus reduce their growth opportunities. The future of these women will be affected highly in various ways such as education and families.

The boundaries of what we think is possible is being changed by the technology constantly. This has also shown that beauty should not be different and if the current improvements are compounded with the regular routines the outcomes can be nothing short of astonishing. Technology has developed various gadgets which can be used to improve women’s comfort zone and add more into their future beauty. Technology is also slowly by slowly changing the way women appear physically in terms of beauty and appearance . Technology is appearing in various salons globally and influencing individual’s looks. Women like to look outstanding and beautiful and this is easily done through cleansings, manicures, pedicures and many others. However, it is evident that technology innovation is also contributing to these effects in ways such as total hair body removal which is an aspect of technology.

It is clear that diamonds are considered a girls best treasure. However, the TriPollar POSE Clinical Skin Tighten Device which has emerged as a source of technology has promised more beauty improvements to women. This device promises to shrink the fat cells and thus go ahead to reduce the stretch marks and cellulite appearance. This technological effect will enable women to look far younger than their age and this provides security to most of them. The results of this device are said to take less than thirty minutes before taking effects. A large number of women are learning more about these beauty technological devices and most of them tend to keep a keen interest in them compared to the earlier used beauty methods. Since new innovations are being developed every day, it is clear that more women will look up to these technological devices since they are growing more sensitive to their looks mostly due to competition .

In conclusion, technology has affected the mankind way of thinking and doing things. Innovation of technology has made things easier for man although it comes with other short comings. Technology however has affected women in various ways both negatively and positively. Women have not been so surrounded in the circle of information technology until recently. In the twenty first century, it is evident that many women have directed their careers towards technology and this is a trend they were not so keen on following. Technology is said to reduce and help balance the women work load between the family and their careers. Technology has enabled women to work from home and take care of their families at the same time. Technology has also helped women to have babies through artificial insemination and vitro fertilization. In the coming future, technology will have brought so many changes in the globe apart from those of beauty and communication in the society.

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