Teenage abortion after reading another essay on teen abortion, i started to think, and

Teenage Abortion After reading another essay on teen abortion, I started to think, and eventually decided to write out my thoughts on the subject. I’m offering a different point of view, not an attack. Their essay was truly touching, and even a bit disturbing. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the thought of a parent forcing their child; a fellow human being, a life that they created, to make such an important and life changing decision like having an abortion, and yet, in a strange way, this supported the theory behind pro-abortion. That theory is that women have a right to their own choice, not only to have an abortion, but to NOT have one. I’ve found that the majority of people that support abortion do not support the actual act, (It’s hard to watch a baby being sucked out piece by piece and still say you literally support the abortion it’s self) but DO support the woman’s right to make that decision for her self, and thus, my point. There are some stories told of women deciding that they should abort for what ever reason; a simple accident, rape or a fear of going through pregnancy and childbirth, and then there are heart breaking stories told of young people being pressured into abortion by parents that don’t understand, and were probably not ready to be parents either, if they would handle it in such an irresponsible way. Despite what ever side of the tracks the person happens to be on, the right to the decision should be left to the woman carrying the baby, and no one else. Whether they’re being forced to choose between their child and their home, or being pressured into going through pregnancy and/or keeping a baby that they feel they can’t care for, the choice has been taken away from them, and there’s no excuse for it. This is why I encourage women to make their own well-being their first priority. No one can force them to give a doctor permission to abort, and no one can cover their mouth and stop them, and any one that loves and cares about them will leave the final decision up to them, while keeping arms wide open for them despite what they might have to say about the subject. It’s never easy to abort no matter how much or how little emotional attachment the mother has to the baby, nor is it easy to take on the burden of an unexpected pregnancy. I give any woman in this situation a pat on the back and wish them the best of luck, no matter which road they decide to take, and encourage others to do the same.