Tent city: making a career out of homelessness

Tent Tent What is the scope of the problem?? Tent had a huge share of problems ranging from strugglingto shelter untreated addicts, carrying the idle scalawags and even caring for the mentally ill persons (RT, 2014).
2. What types of homelessness?
The type of homelessness include situational homelessness that resulted from the loss of jobs for instance in the manufacturing industry that led to their leading a life in crisis (RT, 2014). Yet another type of homelessness involves episodic homelessness that happened for the case of the drug addicts who found themselves homeless and landed in the city (RT, 2014). Cyclic homelessness may also apply in this case after the loss of many homes in the national foreclosure tragedy; thus, made the residents live in the tent for long (RT, 2014).
3. What were the attitudes toward the homeless (public, government, churches, and agencies)?
The attitude towards the homeless is full of disgust. The members of the public continually call for search for jobs by the homeless, the government does not think they are worse off while the agencies and the church are sympathetic of their situation and they make efforts to help them (RT, 2014).
4. What homeless services are available now in the community?
Among the homeless services offered include provision of homeless programs, social services such as provision of bedding, clothing, food and even mobilizing the homeless persons (RT, 2014).
5. What were homeless individuals’ thoughts and insights on their homeless situation?
Some of the individuals in the city felt that they could not afford a better life since they did not make enough money to buy or rent a decent house (RT, 2014). Others felt that their income was too much and would not warrant them government assistance (RT, 2014). Others were completely hopeless of a better life and believed that the tent was their only home.
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