Teotihuacan – the city of the gods

The paper ” Teotihuacan – the City of the Gods” is an outstanding example of a research proposal on history. The present civilization does not know much about Teotihuacán, as it has no written records and history of this place that used to be the former capital of pre-Columbian urban civilization, in the valley of Mexico, is still shrouded in mystery only. The place is around 40 Kilometers from the North Mexico city and this civilization ruled between 2nd to 7th. century. The UNESCO courier “ The Sun, Ancient Myths, new technologies”, Jan 1995 describes that Aztecs named Teotihuacan, as the city of Gods, centuries later, while discovering the vast ruins of the city. The architecture of the city along with its design and planning is so impressive, even for the modern times that Aztecs thought Gods built it. The city is built in a marvelous planned way, which has a number of successive rectangular squares running all over two kilometers plus stretch, having access stairways that are on the same level with these structures. Like a modern housing block, there are further around 2000 residential apartment-like structures, built on either side of the main way. The Pyramid of the Sun, which is still the third tallest Pyramid, has currently a height of around 63 meters, was originally built among many monuments, in the vast ceremonial center of Teotihuacán, with its original height of around 72 meters. The Massive pyramid of Moon is on the northern side of the avenue of the dead. While the architecture of this city is still being regarded as one of the best, its planning was such to have the harmonious link with the surrounding countryside. The civilization was influential and progressive depending on the trade that was mainly done to barter of Obsidian, for their various needs like clothing etc. The city was ruled by a Theocratic government and it amassed wealth due to the large deposits of Obsidian along the fertile soil. Reflecting the division of society by the profession of the people which is present even in the societies of current world, Teotihuacans were divided into various social classes like artists, painters, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen etc.. Hence, it can be said that the old mysterious city was excellent in terms of design, planning and political behavior. This is the reason that the city rose to power and was at its peak for the whole of five centuries. This is one of the ancient pre-Columbian city that still resembles in various aspects the modern theory of living in Central America.