Term paper on equality

Ethical situations require that people make choices out of competing interests. It is in the best interests of people to foster virtue oriented ethical mindset. The paper will explore various ethical issues dealing on equality. The paper proposes the argument that the development if a universal law governing ethics is difficult. Realization of ethics thus depends on the virtues of the practitioners in the areas of businesses. Still, the paper fosters the argument that ethics is individual born, and depends mostly on how individuals respond to situations.
The exact meaning of ethics is hard to capture. What is “ ethical” varies from place to place depending on the culture and environment. For that reason, it would be an exercise in futility for this paper to make a case for some universal code of ethics. However, we all agree that there are inequality issues especially based on racial disintegration that alienates others from achieving and securing positions in different levels just as their counterparts of different races. The racial segregation has resulted to equality disparities being in jeopardy. Therefore through distributed equally the government should ensure equitable distribution of resources and services as well as opportunities to all the races involved in order to reduce the gap between different racial groups. Therefore through clear ethical identification of the government priories among all the races to ensure equitable distribution of these resources to ensure justice and fairness among various communities and race thereby promoting peaceful coexistence. Therefore equality is necessary for ethical justifications of social norms in the society as well as increase peaceful coexistence among the various stakeholders. When this is harmonized, the stakeholders will have the harmonious and cordial relationship.


Ormerod, Richard J, Ulrich, Werner (2013). Operational Research and Ethics: A literature Review. European Journal of Operational Research. 282-291.