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This document describes our legal obligations. If the text below does not clarify any issue in our terms of service, please send your questions to [email protected].

Sample Fellow grants you a non-exclusive power to use essays from our database for reference and educational purposes. Shall any new services be offered on the platform, the provisions of this document would govern them. We reserve the right to legally change and amend our Terms and Conditions at our discretion. You agree to our Terms and Conditions by entering our website, even before you become a registered user.

Conditions and Restrictions for Users

Any use of Sample Fellow or activity on Samplefellow.com Use is subject to these Terms and Conditions. You are allowed to use our services only for personal and non-commercial purposes. You hereby agree that Sample Fellow may discontinue your access to the website or any of its products or services for any reason. We do not undertake to send you a prior or subsequent notification.

We reserve the right to terminate any access to samplefellow.com if we believe that such access is or may be harmful to other users, Sample Fellow, its affiliates, subsidiaries, or partners.

Access to some areas of Samplefellow.com is restricted. We may limit or terminate access to certain areas of this website or the platform if we think it is reasonable at any time in the future.

As soon as we provide you with login data to open your access to the restricted areas of Samplefellow.com, it becomes your sole responsibility to ensure that such User ID and password are kept confidential. Sample Fellow may disable your access at our own discretion without prior notice or further explanation.

If we learn that anyone under the age of 16 has accessed our products or services, we shall require verified parental consent, as provided in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act dated 1998. However, certain areas of Sample Fellow may not be available to children under 16 years of age under any circumstances. Sample Fellow does not discriminate against people on the basis of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status.

Right to Use the Website

Samplefellow.com is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights for the content published on this resource unless otherwise specified. You are allowed to view, download, and print the files, images, texts, and other similar content from our website for your personal purposes in studies, following the restrictions stated in this document.

In particular, you are not allowed to do the following:

  • Use any materials from Samplefellow.com in any media, be it printed or digital;
  • Present any materials from Samplefellow.com in public as if it were your intellectual property;
  • Reproduce the materials from Samplefellow.com for any commercial or marketing purposes;
  • Distribute any materials from Samplefellow.com, except for those expressly marked as fit for distribution. In the latter case, you are allowed to publish such materials within your organization only;
  • Use Samplefellow.com in any way that may harm or impair the accessibility of the website or in any other illegal or improper way;
  • Use Samplefellow.com to store, copy, retransmit, upload, host, use, or publish any content or software related to or containing spyware, computer viruses, worms, or other malicious software;
  • Automatically or systematically collect data on or with respect to this Samplefellow.com without our prior written consent. Such activities may comprise (without limitation) data extraction, data mining, scraping, data harvesting, article “spinning,” etc.;
  • Transmit unsolicited marketing or commercial messages.

User Content

User content comprises any materials (text, images, audio and video clips, etc.) that our users voluntarily share on our resource for any purpose.

By submitting user content, you give Samplefellow.com a non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, correct, translate, publish, and distribute it in any existing or future media. You also entitle us to sub-license such non-exclusive rights and to file a lawsuit for their infringement.

All the users who share user content with us warrant that it is legal and lawful with respect to our resource and the rights of third parties and cannot lead to legal action against such user, Samplefellow.com, or any third party. You are not allowed to share any user content that has ever been under the threat of or actual legal proceedings.

We shall have the right to modify or delete any user content submitted to Samplefellow.com, filed on our servers, or stored on this website. Thereat, we are not responsible for any user content or its publication on our website, and we do not undertake to ensure it follows the law.


Samplefellow.com gives no warranties with respect to this website or its content. Without prejudice to anything mentioned in this document, we do not guarantee that:

  • Samplefellow.com will be continuously available;
  • This website will always be functional;
  • The information on Samplefellow.com is complete and accurate.

Nothing on Samplefellow.com shall constitute advice of any kind. If you need advice regarding any financial, legal, or medical issue, please consult the respective professional.

Limitations of Liability

By entering Samplefellow.com, you expressly agree that we bear no responsibility for any use or misuse of our resource and its services by the users. This statement shall apply:

  • to the reimbursement of direct, indirect, exemplary, consequential, and punitive damages;
  • when such damages result from any use or inability to use our services;
  • when the access to our content or the provision of our services is terminated, interrupted, or suspended, including any damages that third parties may incur.

In any case, your damages shall not exceed the amount you paid Sample Fellow for its services.

We shall not be liable for any delay or failure of our services as a result of any causes beyond our control, including failures of web servers, computer equipment, or electrical power; strikes; riots; fires; floods; storms, public unrest; wars; governmental decisions; or non-performance by third parties.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

If a user or visitor violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, we may take any reasonable action, including the termination of the user’s or visitor’s access to the website and putting them to justice.

Third Parties

As a limited liability company, Sample Fellow is interested in limiting the personal liability of its officers and employees. By continuing to use our resource, you acknowledge that you have no right to make any individual claim with respect to our employees concerning any losses you have incurred while using Samplefellow.com. Such liability limitations shall protect Samplefellow.com, its employees, officers, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and successors.


Samplefellow.com may change the contents and provisions of this document from time to time. The amended Terms and Conditions shall become valid upon their publication in their new form on this page. To be updated, please check this page regularly.

Assignment of Rights

By submitting your materials to Samplefellow.com, you acknowledge that you are entitled to transmit the license for its use to our resource and that such materials do not violate any rights of third parties. Mind that you shall pay any fees owing to any person or entity that may become payable as a result of your posting any materials on the website.

By continuing to use our website, you provide us an exclusive and royalty-free right to publish, use, transmit, change, promote, and reproduce any user content submitted to our resource.

Provisions Separable

If, as a result of finding any provision hereof unenforceable or unlawful, all the other provisions shall remain in force. If such an unenforceable provision can be made enforceable upon the deletion of some of its sections, those sections should be deleted, and the other sections of the provision shall remain in force.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between Samplefellow.com its users with respect to their presence on this website. These two legal documents supersede all the previous agreements regarding the application of Samplefellow.com.

All the content on Sample Fellow (submitted by our users or otherwise) is the property of Samplefellow.com, suppliers, subsidiaries, partners, or affiliates. This content is protected as intellectual property by American and international copyright legislation. All the software used to create and support the functioning of this resource is the property of Samplefellow.com or its suppliers. Such software is also protected by American and international copyright legislation.