Terrorism cannot be justified essay

Terrorism as an act of the same nation or against another nation by a political minority can be regarded as an act of Total conflict which by definitions includes the whole populace of both of the opposing armed forces as participants in the war.

Terrorism cannot be justified for the reason that it involves kidnapping, murder, false detention or some other criminal acts which denies liberty or life. The taking of guiltless life for one’s own progression of a cause cannot be allowed to go as justifiable.

Terrorism cannot be justified, because it is nearly at all times the case that violent acts of intimidation are carried out by people who do not stand for the majority of society. A terrorist is a person who cannot accomplish his or her objectives through the usual and acknowledged channels of democracy and government, as these principally cater for the requirements of the greater fraction of a society more willingly than those of a displeased minority. As a result, faced with his or her failure to accomplish their individual objectives, and inability to acknowledge the decisions made by the larger proportion of the population, for the advantage of the majority, the terrorist merely alternates to mindless hostility against the majority, in a fruitless attempt to alter the decisions made by the majority.

Terrorism has been used as a deceitful tactic by various associations to accomplish their objectives, whether they are social, political, environmental or economical. Nevertheless, as ethical, decent, and normal human beings, we ought to say no to terrorism, because it is never a tolerable way to bring about change. There are some main explanations for why this is true. Primarily, terrorism is in no way the only option, and methods like international relations can be just as successful. Terrorism can have the unnecessary side effect of isolating societies to otherwise good thoughts. Terrorism can in actual fact result to retribution in the form of more aggression, and terrorism cannot have a positive effect on society, due to the immense loss of life implicated. Therefore terrorism cannot be justified.

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