The branding power of google company essay

Whenever it comes for seeking something on the cyberspace the first name which strikes our head is “ Google ” . Anywhere any topographic point any information you can acquire from Google, you lost someplace type the topographic point ‘ s name and the manner is at that place or merely snap on Google Earth. It is the best non merely in footings of hunt but besides its work civilization and employee satisfaction.

Google was originated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were analyzing at Stanford University. The name Google was derived from the mathematical term googol which is used for 1 followed by 100 nothings. Its name itself reflects the huge cognition inside it. It is a profitable and public company concentrated on hunt services, Google operates web sites at many international domains, with the most operated being www. google. com.

Google is loosely recognized as the “ universe ‘ s best hunt engine ” because it is fast, precise and easy to utilize. A batch of instance surveies have been done earlier on this subject of organisational civilization on its different facets as my focal point is on the prima towards success through the employee satisfaction, one of them is described below: Employee as trade names: This instance is written chiefly to raise an interesting statement over a simple, yet, challenging construct – how can human resources be leveraged as a beginning of competitory advantage? Illustrated through the illustration of Google, this instance raises many fascinating issues. In a span of a decennary, Google has emerged as a technological human dynamo with two extraordinary inventions, ‘ search ‘ and ‘ ad words ‘ , to its recognition. The company attributes this enviable rise to glorification to its most valued assets – the Google employees. Since its origin, the company has invariably hired merely the best endowment in the industry, preferring creativeness to work experience.

Endeavoring to pull and retain bright and animating employees, Google focused on actuating its employees by making a ambitious yet fun-filled work environment coupled with a broad array of fringe benefits runing from free nutrient and a gym to employee stock options. Additionally to further innovativeness, Google has adopted the ’70/20/10 ‘ theoretical account, to promote Googlers to pass 20 % of their work clip on a undertaking of their pick. These attempts paid off and Google emerged as the most sought after topographic point to work for two back-to-back old ages ( 2007 and 2008 ) .

However, can a company that has focused on little squads and single interaction with all employees cope up with the same when its meteoric ascent to success has captured the involvement of many rivals? The grasp of Google ‘ s accomplishments has been accompanied by increasing apprehensivenesss about the long-run sustainability of Google ‘ s informal and fun-filled civilization. Whether Google ‘ s success is a consequence of its much hyped work civilization or frailty versa, continues to be an unsolved mystery. ( Deepti Srikanth, 2009 )We try to supply an environment where people are traveling to be happy. I think that ‘ s a much better usage of money than, state, hundred-Million dollar selling runs or outrageously hyperbolic wages. ” ( Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, in March 2003 ) Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //computer.

howstuffworks. com/internet/basics/google6. htm Google has a relaxed work civilization at Googleplex ( its central office ) .

Together Larry and Sergey tried to set their thoughts into world by doing the work civilization at Google merriment by making such an environment inside the office adorning it with different colorss, designs and Google logo Googlers are permitted to acquire their pet animate beings in the office and bites and nutrient all provided to them liberate of cost arranged by the chef Charlie Ayers. Googleplex has staff canteens supplying them with assortments of bites and comestibles Google ‘ s mission proclamation states that a individual can: Make money without making immorality ” and that “ work should be disputing and the challenge should be merriment ” . These values regulations at Google and the company policy provinces: “ Form the universe ‘ s information and do it universally accessible and utile ” ( Strickland, 2006 ) Inventions at Google: Google direction focuses on actuating innovation and creativeness at the workplace. It comprehended that for a company to turn, thoughts and creativeness is a must and at Google they give their best to accomplish it although they have faced a batch of troubles making it. We are ne’er kind of thoughts but we lack the manner of showing To work out this Google created an internal web page in order to track thoughts. ( Schneider et al. , 2003 ) Recruitment: Sergey and Larry besides concentrated on enrolling people with the right border of encephalon.

They were themselves involved in the whole process ; in order to capture the best of the staff they posted 10 grounds for working with them on its web site. Google employed people with different accomplishments and qualities while using, Google involved maximal importance to academic public presentation as exposed in class tonss in their tests. To acquire into Google, you have to belong from the best schools or universities. ( Charlton, 2006 ) Execution of Herzberg ‘ s theory: As can be seen above Google in order to fulfill their employees follows the theory as: It firsts satisfy the hygiene factors of the employees like work environment, nutrient, relaxed civilization, wage, occupation security etc. in order to do them more comfy while working.