The career of a physician assistant

Personal ment I committed myself to a career in the field of medical health early on in my educational career due to my exposure to the varioushealth problems that the Hispanic community that I lived in was experiencing. It was my concern for my community that I decided to pursue a career in the medical field. My dream is to be able to complete my training as a Physician Assistant so that I can go back to my community and share what I have learned and help treat their medical needs within the boundaries of my job description.
Having attended the Hanna High School of Technology for Medical and Health Professions, I received the relevant premed school training thanks to their intensive and comprehensive courses in health, science, and chemistry courses. This training included hands on clinical rotation experience at the Valley Baptist Medical Center as well. I firmly believe that my experience at this particular satellite school helped mold me into the personification of epitome of the UT Health Science Physician Assistant. As a Med Tech student at the satellite school, I was privileged to have been given an opportunity to be part of weekly department rotations. The rotation schedules allowed me to assist doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. However, it was my stint as an assistant to a physician assistant that helped cement my plans for the future. I took the time to observe these qualified physician assistants go about their tasks with the doctors in charge. I came to realize that I had found my calling as a physician assistant. I would be able to help doctors in the performance of their duties through a range of health care procedures and duties that I would be specifically trained for if and when I complete my training as a Physician Assistant.
My goal in pursuing this line of education is to be able to return to my community, armed and educated in the medical field of my choice. My return will mark the day that I fulfill my personal pact to contribute to the improvement of the mental, social, and physical well-being of the under-served and vulnerable people of my community. I humbly present myself to the UTHSCA PA admissions board in the hopes of being granted an opportunity to learn about becoming an exemplary Physician Assistant from the best educators in the state.