The caveman

I can’t marry you Eric. He unseen working class woman who Goole claims has committed suicide whilst pregnant with Eric Birling’s baby, and who has been mistreated by each member of the Birling family and by Gerald Croft. Through reports from other characters, she is described as “ pretty” with soft brown hair and big dark eyes, and it is explained that she has no family and must work for her living. Her beauty is commented on by all the characters, though it appears to work against her. Her beauty attracts both Gerald and Eric to her, with Eric sexually exploiting her.

Sheila comments disparagingly that Eva looked prettier when she wore a certain dress than Sheila did herself, and seems threatened by Eva’s beauty, confessing that if Eva had been plain she would have been unlikely to have had her fired. It is also suggested that Eva/Daisy is morally principled, as she refuses to accept stolen money from Eric, despite her dire financial situation. Eva/Daisy appears to be a victim of her class, and is judged by the (female) characters for not acting appropriately for her class.

Sheila imagines that Eva laughed at her and did not act respectfully towards her and so “ punishes” her by having her fired. Sybil also criticizes Eva for appearing proud and putting on airs and graces, and for being “ impertinent” rather than being meek and grateful to her social superiors. The audience is invited to dwell on Eva/Daisy’s vulnerability and her suffering at the hands of an exploitative employer, her sexual abuse at the hands of Eric, her powerlessness caused by her gender, class and poverty, and her victimization on the basis of a sexual double standard. Eva didn’t blame him You are not capable.