The china coin chapter questions

Leash’s thought give us flashbacks to their earlier, happier life together when Leash’s dad was alive. What does Lea remember? (39-40) What does she feel is happening to Joan in China? (pages 50-51). Shanghai: Chapters 7-8 What does Lea learn about China’s history during the argument with the party Official on the train? (pages 56-57) What happens to Lea in Shanghai? How does Billie use language to create tension and excitement in this incident? Give quotes from the story to support your answer. Lea and Joan see a demonstration of students on their way to the boat.

What do they learn about why they are demonstrating? (page 67) The Journey up the Yanking: Chapters 9-11 What does Lea learn about why her mother decided to come to China so soon after her father’s funeral? (pages 75-76) ” It’s over. ” Lea took Jean’s hand and squeezed. ” We’ve been through a lot, eh? ” What does this quote tell us about how Lea is changing and growing up? (page 82) Turtle Land (Red star) Village: Chapters 12-27 Lea changes her attitude to her Chinese identity. How do we know? What do you think causes her to change? (pages 105-112)

Lea is becoming milliamp with traditional Chinese villages. Draw a picture of the village. Label the picture. (page 106) What does Eek tell Lea about why he and the students are protesting all over China? What does Lea learn about how See’s father died? What are See’s feelings about his fathers’ death? (pages 1 18-1 19) On her way to visit Joan in the hospital Lea thinks about her relationship with Joan. What does she realize and what does this tell us about how Lea is changing? (page 1 37) Lean and Joan come together in a new understanding. What do they realize about why they have come to China? 38-139) Where do Lie Nan and Lea find the other half of the coin? What is the significance of Leash’s reaction when she says- ” This isfamily/’ (pages 139-140) Lea has come to accept her Chinese identity. What has she learnt while she has been in the village and what does she say about being Chinese? (page 158) What is happening in Beijing? What does Lea feel about the struggle of the students? (pages 144-145) Beijing: Chapters 27-32 What does Lea see in Attainment Square? (pages 165-169) What does Lea discover about what happened to the students in Attainment Square? (pages 176-178)

When Lea returns to look for Eek she is confronted by a soldier with a gun. What happens in this terrible scene? (pages 181-182) Lea and Joan learn from the students in the hotel the facts of what happened in Attainment Square. Summaries what happened. (187-188) What does Lea see the coin as symbolizing about China? (page 189) Why are Joan and Lea crying at the end of the book? What does the phrase the two women clung together’ tell us about the way Lea has changed on her journey through China? What kind of ideas about Belonging is explored in the character of Eek? Give reasons for your answer.